5 comments on “A Cold Snowy St Patricks Day

  1. General, I had Notre Dame winning 2 times which hurt just a bit. I think I am 6 losses on one of them and 5 on the other. So much for my Albany pick, lmao. Wisc would have been the biggest loss for me. That was a good game. Actually there were several good games yesterday. My mom is still kicking butt and we are splitting on our sheets so I had to cheer for some of her picks which I hated to do because they were opposite of mine :( I picked a few brackets on ESPN and they still have some people that are perfect if I was looking at them right. Man, that’s hard to do.

    Snow wise probably about 4 – 6 of new snow out side. Albany kicked our butts showing over 10 inches so far since 2:am and it is probably still falling there. Bingo better be worried about dropping to last place which would be the embarrassment of the century. They picked up over 5 inches and probably will have more to report. I was expecting Rochester and Buffalo to get a little closer to the averages with this storm but it looks like it stayed to far to the East. Have a Great St Patty’s Day All! I’m getting ready to go freeze :( I think we have about 20 of us this year with my Daughter being the DD. She will be making a few drop-offs and pick-ups but the pay is good 😉

  2. The brackets were not kind to me today at all going 12 of 16. So after first round action I am now a semi-decent 26 of 32. Those 8/9 seed games just killed me I miss picked of those games. Luckily I only had one of those six misses advancing past the second round so hopefully I can recover my standings after the second round. Bummer for NU I really thought they had a chance after holding up well for the first 10 minutes.

    Well the snow is VERY lightly falling perfect timing of course for irish day. It always snows and or is cold on irish day. Hope everyone has a safe and fun drunken weekend.

  3. Anon, cool site with some good info on Leprechauns and the Irish. Thanks for the link and have a Happy St Patrick’s day also.

    Jill, that sounds like a fun adventure. I have only seen maple syrup made on TV also. I was surprised at how much sap it takes to make a gallon of syrup. I bet it will be an awesome site to see and better yet to smell it being made. Not to mention the taste testing of fresh maple syrup. Hmmm, it could be French toast for dinner tonight seeing how meat is out of the question, lol.

    Errrr, go Kansas! I have them going too far to be cheering for NU right now. But like I said if they do win I’ll cheer them on all the way 😉

  4. Sounds like you are going to have a great weekend! I normally work the weekends, so I always miss out on all the festivities :( However….I’m starting Sunday, I’m on vacation – Wahoo! I’m opting to indulge in the sugary sweetness that is bestowed upon us by the Maple Tree Gods…


    I’m going to hit a couple of the farms with my family. I’ve seen maple syrup made on TV, but not in person, so this should be a fun and educational experience. Plus very tasty 😛

    Have fun and hopefully it won’t be as cold as they are predicting – unless of course, Buffalo gets enough snow to put them in first place of the contest :)

    Oh – and go NU 😀

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