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OK, it’s time for the snow site to take the next step. I’m opening it up to local CNY companies for advertising opportunities. I’ll be calling several companies this week. If you think your company would like to advertise  please get in touch with Patrick at 315-656-9703. The ad space is on a first come first in basis with only 2 spots on the top of each page and an undecided amount of ad space on the right hand column of each page.  See the 2012 website visitor stats at bottom!

Most of our visitors are from CNY with a good portion of them visiting the site from the Syracuse area along with Rochester, Buffalo and Binghamton.

Our contest, as in the contest belongs to all of us in the CNY area has always gotten interest from most of the local media from the cities that are in the contest. Just to name a few which include;

Syracuse .com,
The Post Standard,
The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Most of the local news stations
Buffalonews.Com and several others just to name a few.

Some of the National publicity that have mentioned or wrote about the contest include :

The Weather Channel – Live interview
The Washington Post
The Huffington Post
Late Nights with Jim Bohannon – Radio Interview
Saturday Night Live – Yes even Jimmy Fallon from SNL did a quick spoof in their news segment about the contest.

This just gives you an idea as to how popular our great NY contest is all over the area and country. This Click Here to get an idea how much the contest and site is talked about online ,  If you think your business may be interested in advertising please contact us using the contact page at for more details including visitor stats or call at 315-656-9703 or by email at .

Keep in mind that the 2011 – 2012 was one of the least snowiest seasons we have ever had. Normally the visitors are higher.  Stats as of 12/18/2012

Month Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth
Jan 2012 8,303 17,267 33,326 246,007 7.51 GB
Feb 2012 9,341 17,704 38,330 241,616 5.52 GB
Mar 2012 6,955 12,939 34,917 175,999 3.58 GB
Apr 2012 3,710 7,467 26,977 92,024 2.41 GB
May 2012 2,113 4,603 46,308 71,614 989.10 MB
Jun 2012 1,569 3,066 17,338 30,857 876.45 MB
Jul 2012 1,470 2,790 11,256 23,890 1.13 GB
Aug 2012 1,857 3,373 10,965 23,044 917.60 MB
Sep 2012 2,018 3,692 14,506 33,004 1.04 GB
Oct 2012 2,493 4,418 27,405 52,428 1.80 GB
Nov 2012 3,014 6,025 29,196 69,596 1.94 GB
Dec 2012 2,660 4,847 17,160 52,984 1.50 GB
Total 45,503 88,191 307,684 1,113,063 29.15 GB

Thanks all :)

Patrick DeCoursey

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