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Have a few extra bucks right before Christmas time, I know dumb question ) and feel like buying the Snowman a beer?  Have more then let’s say maybe lunch or dinner?  Hey, if you happen to be Bill Gates and ya wanna buy me a house all you need to do is click on that Pay Pal donate button :)   Actually the cost to keep the site up comes first, then the beer, lunch, mansion, private jets, etc…  Can’t do it, don’t worry about it because the site isn’t going anywhere soon.  Do you shop online?

OK,really most of the donations go to offset the cost of keeping the website up and running not to mention the time that is put into it. Don’t get me wrong either because I love doing it and have a lot of fun but it does take away time from my other sites. Yeah, I know, stop the whining already :) A BIG Thanks to those who have donated in the past. I can’t express how much I do appreciate it….

You know what would work even better than a donation is if you buy something from one of the merchants we have listed here.  Of course only if you need something because that way I don’t feel like an online pan handler plus if you shop online already why not go through us.  It’s a win/win for us both.  You get the some great prices on what you’re buying and the Snowman also makes a buck or two because you went through our site.  Most if not all of the stores we list here we have shopped at before and have been satisfied with them..

Check out the printer ink store we have here as an example.  For most printer brands you will save quite a bit buying the generic ink or laser toner cartridges online rather than the name brand ink cartridges in a store.  We have been saving on printer ink for around 12 years now.  It is definitely worth checking the prices out.

4inkjets! For All Your Printer Needs

Click Here to Save on Discount Ink Cartridges and Laser Toner
The same goes for your personal and business bank checks.  They are a lot cheaper online than going through your bank plus the more you buy the more you save.  These are reputable companies that are secure.

* FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS – Designer Checks, Free Shipping, Free Lettering, Free 4th Box and more – USE CHECKS UNLIMMITED COUPON NAFF
* REPEAT CUSTOMERS – Personal checks only – additional 10% off reorder check pricing – USE CHECKS UNLIMMITED COUPON CODE PJKA
* BUSINESS CHECKS – Business Checks offer code an additional 10% off check pricing online – USE COUPON CODE BAJK

OK, this is probably the hardest page I have had to add to the website but the time has come.  I’ve been going back and forth the last couple of years about doing this but with costs going up with hosting and other related costs I had to do it. sorry about that :(

This has always been a fun site for me to keep up and will continue to be donations or not.  I enjoy seeing the snow stats when they come out and blogging about the contest as much as I hope all of you enjoy it when you come to visit the website.  I also enjoy all of the emails we get so keep them coming.

Have a Fun, Safe Winter All ;)

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