7 comments on “If You Blinked You Missed it, Buffalo Back in The Lead

  1. Can you please tell me how each city reports how much snow they get? I’ve been trying to look it up on the web with no luck. I know my plow guy said Greece didn’t get 3″ until after 4 pm yesterday. However, news was reporting we were at 2″ by noon & at 2:30 I went out with my yard stick & it said 3″. By 5, when the plow guy called back I went back out to my driveway & I was registering 5″. I highly doubt we accumulated 2″ in less than an hour. Thanks for helping if you can!

    • Hi Terri, Buffalo measures at the airport. The snow stats I posted this morning would not have included anything from Midnight on. That would have been only from yesterday. The snow stats that The National Weather Service is reporting this last update which was 7.2 inches was measured from the airport and would be from Midnight until 4:00 PM. I don’t know if that helps you out at all. How far is Greece from the airport? Here is a link to where I get the snow stats, just click GO and you will see a pop-up window with the current stats. http://www.nws.noaa.gov/climate/index.php?wfo=buf . Hope this helps you out a little bit…

      • Greece is a township inside Monroe County which borders Lake Ontario. It is a very large township both in population and by area ( by population the largest Township the US ). I know this because I work with Emergency/After hour services for Monroe County and as such I can confirm that the “Rochester” stats do indeed come from the Greater Rochester Airport ( where my work location is based ). Since Greece is closer to the Lake than the airport, it often gets much more snow than what the Airport reports.

  2. Wow Hancock Field only picked up 3/10 of an inch last night? I’m surprised. I live in the city and brushed a good 4+ inches off my car this morning!

    • Hi Michelle, as of the last update Hancock is showing 2.2 inches from Midnight until 5:00 PM. The places south of the Hancock airport did the best with this storm and chances are you are right about getting more inn the city. Maybe we should move our airport further south :) I just had to say that because of all of my buddies from some of the other cities always says that about their airport 😉

      • Don’t get me going Pat. 5 miles further south and we would officially be closing in the 100 inch mark rather than the 30 inch mark. Told you Buffalo is gonna do it this year. I know it’s been bad luck in past years but I’m prepping another Buffalo snow dance for Christmas week. I got the footwork down now I got work on my hip swings to swing the snow a few miles further north!

        • LMAO General, that one dance you did several years ago still scares the hell out of me and I think all of Buffalo too 😛 Just think how close you were last season. Just a couple of inches away. That said Buffalo is only a couple of inches away from taking the top spot in the National Snow Contest too 😉 Have you gotten any snow since 5 pm? http://goldensnowglobe.com/current-top-10-snowiest-cities/

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