15 comments on “Syracuse Breaks December Monthly Snowfall Record

  1. Ha, ha Stephen, only 75% sure of my stats?? Why you no good Son of ……. joking :))

    ANon, stats should be all up to date. Buffalo dropped Bingo down to 4th and is now in 3rd 😉

  2. Now 100% confident in Pat's stats. Just so other readers don't have to scroll up again to find them…

    Syracuse's snowiest day ever recorded: March 13, 1993: 22.1
    Second snowiest: January 31, 1966: 22.0

    By the way, there was one other day on record (since 1950) when Syracuse had over 20 inches of snow: 20.8 onFebruary 4th, 1961.

    I'll see if I can make up a post in the next day or so about daily records (or perhaps the top 3 snowiest days ever) for each GSB city. Stay tuned!

  3. Pat, I'm about 75% sure you are right with those numbers for the all time snowiest day. I'll try to check that over the weekend.

  4. Chris, thanks 😉 Between all the snow that's been falling and keeping up with the two sites goldensnowball.com and http://www.goldensnowglobe.com it has been time consuming but fun.

    Sooner or later I have to break away for a bit though to catch up on Christmas stuff :) I'm sure that goes for Stephen also who puts wuite a bit of time into helping out and coming up with some great stats 😉

  5. Anon, I cheering for Buffalo to catch up. One of the fun things about this contest IMO is just a storm or two and it's close again. Go Buffalo!!!

  6. Keep up the good work Pat! You sure have your work cut out for yourself, all this snow so early has you posting left and right. Love your site and always watching us in the nationals. :) For all you in and around da Cuse, I hope you enjoy shovelling as much as I do! I certainly am LOVING the snow! Keep it coming and keep informing us Pat!

  7. Anon, I believe the record snowfall for any given day in Syracuse is 22.1 inches which fell on March 13th, 1993. That happens to be my daughter's Birthday which was during the blizzard of 93.

    The second snowiest day dropped 22 inches on Jan. 31st, 1966. The blizzard of 66! I could be wrong though and Stephen will double check them 😉

    This month the most snow we received in a day was 14.9 inches on Dec. 8th which isn't too shabby considering it wasn't with a blizzard.

    As for the stats not being updated I was up until around 5:30 working so I decided to sleep in :) NOAA updates normally 3 times a day and I almost always update the stats at least once a day in the late morning. Sometimes a couple of times during the day.

    From reading around even though the stats don't show it Syracuse has tied the record with the overnight snow. The chances are that it will or probably has already been broken today.

  8. Oh, and how come the chart says we have 66.9? Is it just that the chart hasn't been updated yet and we have 70.3 for the season?

  9. Anon here again…

    So what is the record for most snow in a single day? Did we break that record this year?

  10. Yeah, 70.3 occurs twice unfortunately, which looks like that the confusing bit.

    The numbers you mentioned are correct, but that is for the month of December. Syracuse had some snow in November, so the numbers for the season and the month are different. For the season, Syracuse is at 70.3, but for the month, Syracuse is at 69.5. It is a big coincidence that the current season total and the record for December happen to be the same number right now.

  11. Hi Anon, there were I think 4 daily date records broken this month so far. One of which was on Wed. Dec. 15th like Stephen mentioned.

    As for the record of most snowfall in December that still hasn't been broken and you are right with the stats you posted. We still need another .9 inches to break that one.

  12. I'm confused. It currently stands at 70.3? I thought that was the record to be broken and we were at 69.5?

    And I don't understand the record broken on Wednesday of 11+ inches, breaking the one of 5.5 inches. I thought we broke the single day record last week.

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