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  1. Anon, thanks for the feedback. I just typed the blog to wrap it up. Unfortunately Google isn’t cooperating and for whatever reason isn’t posting tonight :(

    Hi CD, thanks for the update on Madison and for the congrats. I have to say Madison has impressed me the last couple of years especially last seasons totals there.

  2. Hello from Madison, Wi to my old hometown, Syracuse! First an update – it snowed here on Monday (4/20) after we spent the weekend in the 70s- it IS spring, after all! This would have been a record-breaking year for snowfall at a trace over 72 inches – except for last year’s near-Syracuse 100 inches! I’m beginning to understand how glaciers form.

    Since my birthday is the 2nd of May (and I have several memories of snow on that day in my youth), I know there can be snow in May. I do think instituting a “slaughter rule” might be merciful, however, and perhaps it will appease whatever force controls late snowfalls!
    Congratulations to Syracuse yet again!

  3. I say May 1st too. This year’s weather has been goofy, and I don’t think we’re done yet. Yes, no one can beat da Cuse, but I still check in once a week or so just to see if I missed anything.

  4. Anon, All the stats but Albany are up to date. For some reason the Albany page is down right now or has moved. I’ll put their stats up when I find them and thanks for the reminder 😉

    SilverCat, I think I agree with you. What I didn’t mention and should have was that the stats would still be added right to the end as far as seasonal snowfall. It would be a matter of pretty much ending the contest while people are still a little interested in the contest as long as it is a sure thing. Then again with the New York weather what’s a sure thing :)

    That said, why mess with something that is working so far? That being calling the contest the 1st of May :)

  5. It’s snowed a few times this week. Shouldn’t there be a change in the total?

  6. Hi Patrick,

    At this point, I’m against changing the date to April 30 even with a wide margin between cities.

    This year is a perfect example of why we should keep April in the loop. If we get just a few more inches of snow, Syracuse can move up in the snowiest year records.

    Perhaps I’ll change my mind when I see the other comments.


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