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Once again all of the cities picked up a little snow since the last update. It’s finally staring to look a lot like winter and another lake effect snow event is in the forecast. Right now there are lake effect warnings beginning later on for the normal snow pile cities, Lowville, Watertown and the Oswego areas. Onondaga, Madison and parts of Onieda county are under a lake effect snow watch starting tomorrow morning and Buffalo is under a snow advisory. All the info comes from NOAA’s warnings webpage which is at It’s a great page to keep up on all the warnings and when snow is in the forecast it’s fun to watch as it changes throughout the day and night. Yeah, I know as I said many times before I need to get a life :)

Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo! What more is there to say to Buffalo that they don’t already know. To blow a lead as big as they had at one point, something like 2 1/2 feet leaves me speechless. That’s why I am typing about it πŸ˜‰ Syracuse is only 1 inch away from taking over the snow hill and pushing Buffalo down the hill to second place. Jill, whom I always look forward to hearing her comments and responds to some of the posts here is from Buffalo. Jill said it best in one word what Buffalonians must be thinking right now. “SIGH”. My guess is that Steve – Smadsen in the forum is using a few other choice words right about now and who I have to admit I am kind of looking forward to razzing if Syracuse ever does happen to take the lead this snow season. Steve also brought up a good question. Has any city ever held the lead throughout the season from start to finish? I don’t know the answer but if Buffalo can hold off Syracuse’s charge, maybe they will be the first to do it.

Don’t get me wrong either. Even if Syracuse takes the lead the chances are they won’t hold it long. I’m still guessing this will be going back and forth. As far as I am aware the lakes haven’t frozen over yet and until they do Buffalo can blow us all away in one of their snow storms that they are known for. I was Reading the other day while doing some research that Buffalo picked up I think over 80 inches of snow in a 2 – 3 day period. I’ll look for the site later and post it here. Another thing to watch for is Rochester. They have been on a roll lately and are chipping away at both Buffalo and Syracuse and expect their charge to continue. Binghamton is showing some signs that they want a Golden Snowball trophy but they really need to try harder to get some snow. I don’t think their heart is in it this season. Albany???? Look at their totals above. People don’t head South for the winter anymore, They head West to Albany. Enough said and have a super day all!

Ok, even if your a little devil sometimes I’m sure you can participate as long as the mark you leave in the snow looks like a snow angel πŸ˜‰ Sean Kirst’s article in today’s Post Standard mentions an attempt for Syracuse to break a world record. The record of the most snow angels which we be attempted to be broken during this years Winterfest. Read more about it at Sean’s Kirst’s Articles .

This is a record that not only should be a piece of cake to break but a record that should belong to Syracuse. Only to ingredients are needed, lots of people and lots of snow. Both of which have been a problem in the past. Not this year. According to Sean’s article Bill Cooper who is the President of the Winterfest is recruiting kids from the Syracuse schools and wants other school districts to help out in setting this record that should be held by Syracuse. So for any kids that might visit here, talk to your teachers and get them pumped up about being part of a world record. If your a teacher then get it organised and get in touch with Bill Cooper at 466-9468 and let him know that your school wants to join in on the fun. I’m marking the day on my calendar right now and hoping to be a part of it. The date is February 15th and you can read more about this years winterfest and all the events at Syracuse Winterfest .

Local bloggers can help by keeping this event in the online news source by writing about it every now and then to remind people to show up. There are a ton of great blogs around to help get the word out and I’ll set up a count down first chance I get and post it on here. Sounds like a lot of fun if you ask me.

Nothing new to report other than Rochester lost 2.2 inches to their totals. Yup this year we are going to take away from your totals as the snow melts also. So whoever has some snow left on the ground at the end of April wins :) I’M JOKING! For some reason the stats were showing Rock City had 18 inches. When I looked today they were down to 15.8 . It could of been a mistake on either NOAA’s part or mine. It doesn’t happen often that NOAA makes a change but it does from time to time. I think it happened only 2 times for the whole season last year. Me on the other hand, enough said. Have a great week all!

The stats are in and Buffalo says”I Don’t Think So” to Syracuse in this last challenge that DaCuse tried to sled into first place. GO BUFFALO! I have to admit that I was expecting a BIG announcement saying that there was a new leader and when I got home tonight I was surprised to see that Buffalo still remains the king of the snow hill. Can they stay on top?

This will go down to the end of the snow season this year. Do not count Rochester out of this seasons contest. They have been picking up snow inch by inch and they will be in the running with Syracuse and Buffalo right down to the last snow flake hitting the ground. Binghamton has alot of making up to do but rumor has it that the snow lover s are out buying up all the snow making machines available. Chances are that the way the CNY weather has been up until recently that they might not be able to find any though because the ski resorts have probably bought them all up. Enough said and Way to go Buffalo for fending off Syracuse’s chance to take the lead this last snow round. Buffalo stays in the lead by 1.6 inches!

What a beautiful sight it is outside. White, bright and No grass showing for a chance. Look at the numbers in the snow chart above. Who would of thought that the race would turn out to be this close? Well in reality a lot of us who know CNY weather would of thought it. All the numbers aren’t in yet and there is still a chance for more snow for pretty much all of the Golden Snowball cities.

Just a reminder as to when stats are reported. Buffalo and Rochester’s stats are updated around 5:30am every day and the other 3 city’s are updated just after midnight. Then a couple of other updates throughout the day. By 5:30 – 6:00 when Binghamton NOAA does another update we should know if we have a new leader or not and my bet is that it will be really close. I’m off for now to watch my sons CYO game at Le Moyne College and hopefully to catch a little bit of the Le Moyne game. Have a great day all!

I figured since all the city’s are showing some snow for the day and night so far I would do a quick update on the stats. When I say all, YES even Albany which finally made it over the inch mark picking up 1 inch so far for the day.

Buffalo and Rochester are reporting 2.1 inches but the stats are only up until around 5pm. Syracuse is showing 3 inches up until around 9pm and Binghamton as of 9pm is reporting 1.8 inches of new fresh snow. Tomorrow’s stats could be really interesting with a possibility that when all the snow totals are added up we could have, do I dare to dream? We could have a new leader in the Great Golden Snowball contest. It all comes down to which way the wind blows and right now looking at the radar it’s still blowing northwest setting Syracuse in the path of another lake effect band that started up north and drifted down south. According to WeatherT in the forum, that could be the norm for the rest of the night.

On the other hand Buffalo is suppose to start picking up some snow later on around 3am and if that happens they could fend off Syracuse’s forecasted, premeditated, pre-planned attack. They were warned all day what could be coming and hopefully they took down their snow shield which has been protecting their city from the snow since the freak storm in October. Yeah, I know. I really need to start getting a life. Hey, Have a great night all!

Syracuse continues to make a move on Buffalo’s first place status in this seasons Golden Snowball race. The lead has narrowed to 8.2 inches. On another note Rochester has started to make their move also, winning this last snow bout and finally making it over the 1 foot mark. A milestone that on a normal season would have been hit a long time ago. This weekend could be interesting and the current standing could change like the wind does.

Most of us are under a lake effect snow watch so keep an eye on the weather if your traveling. A chance of some snow late tonight but the pros are thinking some of the heavier snow could hit some of us starting late Friday thru late Saturday so check your favorite weather station to see what’s going on.

Go Syracuse and I’m not talking weather. What a game last night even if they did blow a 19 point lead that they held at one point. They played one of the best first half’s I have seen them play in a while. Unfortunately Cincy chipped away at it kind of like we are doing to Buffalo’s lead in the snow race. We still romped them, errr beat em up, ummm, ok we barely won by a point with great defense on the last play of the game but it was a win and I like the way the team is playing team ball. Devo is giving the ball up great this year and will probably more than double his assists from last season which is making a huge difference, Watkins has stepped up and looks confident under the basket, Nichols is having an awesome season, Terrence has come off his injury with no problems, Rautins is starting to drop them in the bucket and the list of positives goes on for all of the players. Harris is starting to find his spot on the team. So what if we blew a big lead! We always do and I’m use to it by now. Just think how boring the games would be if we blew out the competition every game. Our guys do it on purpose because they don’t want us getting bored. What a thoughtful bunch of players we have when you come to think about it. That said I’m really liking this team and I think they will get even better as the season goes on. Check out the players stats at Have a great day all!