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Binghamton has finally woken me from hibernating in my summer cave. Like it or not it’s time to kick off the 2009 – 2010 Golden Snowball contest.

Getting off track as normal – I’m sitting here typing I was just thinking that we should have some kind of running with the torch like the Olympics do. Maybe start it off in Buffalo and keep coming east to Rochester, then head down to Binghamton, up to Albany and then finish off the run at the winning city, Syracuse :) I’m sure Sean Kirst could probably do the Albany to Syracuse run by himself :) Maybe it’s time for the Golden Snowball Tour De CNY Race! Hey, it’s just a thought.

Binghamton starts the contest off for the second year in a row (I think) with.2 inches of snow so far. Way to go Bingo!!! Ummm, a little early though don’t ya think? Last season they started up the snow contest around October 27th.

I suppose with the cold, rainy weather we have been having it might as well be snowing out. I’m sure we will still be able to sneak some nice warm, sunny days in before we really get into the thick of it. The thick of the white gold that is :)

A shout out to ZR800 and Buffalo because they actually were the first to see some snow falling. Unfortunately it just added up to a trace. I have a feeling ZR probably has his sled tuned up already and is just waiting.

There should be a little bit of news coming in the next day or two or three about something in the works so keep checking back.

Enough for now and Good Luck to All the Golden Snowball Cities and remember, it’s all in fun. Do ya have what it takes to beat DaCuse?