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First off a Big Thanks to Melissa W. for your donation to the website.  Thanks Melissa, I really do appreciate it :)


OK, nothing like a nice spring shower, of snow that is.  OK, maybe more like some Spring lake effect snow to put Syracuse over the 100 inch mark.  All Syracuse needs now and most likely that fell during the overnight is another inch give or take to double last seasons wimpy snowfall totals.  It’s hard to believe that they still may hit their seasonal average of 123 inches.

I got woken up this morning from Steve in Rochester who was curious as to what Rochester’s snow totals were as of today.  Thanks for the wake up call Steve :(  I’m joking, it was time to get up and get to work anyways.  I guess he has a dinner bet going with a friend based on what the snow totals for Rochester end up being today.  Unless The Rock got 4.5 inches overnight it looks like his wallet will be a little lighter come the end of the night 😉  Good Luck!

I think I finally figured a way to make a few bucks off our snow site.  Come the end of the season, whenever that may be I offer a choice.  If you want it to keep snowing then donate 5 bucks to the site and I’ll do another snow dance.  If you’re sick of the snow by now donate 10.00 and I won’t do another snow dance :)  You all know how effective my dances are 😉  Actually this is a little to close to almost blackmailing ya’s so maybe I better scratch that plan.

I haven’t posted much this season about Syracuse but trust me I’m still a die hard football and basketball fan of Da’Cuse.  They play tonight against Cal and need to win to move on to the next round so Good Luck Orange!!!  How are all of your brackets doing.  So far one out of my two are in the trash already and the second one is barely hanging in there :(

Have a GREAT Weekend Everyone!!!

First Off Thank You Philip G. for your donation.  All of the donations really do help out a lot.

Sorry about the lack of updates the last week but my new love of my life was in town visiting from South/North Carolina :) At the beginning of the snow season I became a Grandpa and when the little one comes to town everything else moves to the back. Unfortunately they went back after a fun weeks visit including the parade last weekend. One good thing is that out of the 3 visits my little buddy made here to Syracuse he got to see snow every time and 2 of the times we had storms. He may have been born in South Carolina but he’ll always have Syracuse in him 😉

OK, on to snow but the problem is there really hasn’t been a whole lot of snow falling in the Golden Snowball cities this past week.  Looking at the snow stats I noticed that Syracuse and Albany at this time last season had all the snow they would get.  In other words last season neither Syracuse or Albany received anymore snow from here on other than maybe a trace.  The other 3 cities are pretty close to their totals last season.

So does that mean it’s done snowing in the GSB cities.  Ha, not a chance in my opinion but no doubt the time is running out fast so last years snow champion Rochester better do a snow dance fast to hang on to the bragging rights 😉  Has everyone had enough already or do you want it to keep coming?

Have an Awesome Weekend Everyone!

It seems the last couple of updates I’ve been adding some snow to all of the cities.  It also seems like Buffalo and Rochester seem to be gaining on the rest of us.  The question now is there enough time left for a couple more charges to the top of the snow hill.

I think there is enough time and it seems like March is a good month for some decent storms.  There is one brewing to the west right now but from what I have been reading it is expected to stay more to the south of us when it comes through.  I’m hoping that maybe the jet stream will move up to the north a bit and maybe tighten up the snow contest as we come closer to the end of the snow season.  Let’s go GSB cities!  Do a snow dance or something to get the contest closer 😉  Can the defending snow champions Rochester pull off a late season victory.  Still enough time left for them to do it.

I’m going to try and get a full update in on the National Snow Contest over at .  That snow race is still pretty close between Syracuse, Erie, Pa and Worcester, Mass.  As of the last update Syracuse was holding on to lead but only by inches.  Erie may be able to cash in on the storm coming through.  It should be/get interesting :)

Have a GREAT Week All :)

I’ll be crunching numbers for those of you who entered to win the Autographed book “Lake Effect” signed by author Mark Monmonier.  From taking a quick look at some of your snow stats that you guesstimated I can tell you that it’s pretty close between a handful of you.

OK, barring any fuzzy math on my part here are the entries that were pretty close to each other along with the winner of the contest.  Thanks to all of you who entered :)

Stephen – 261.7 off by – 18.5
Kimberly – 299 off by –   18.8
Peter – 258.4  off by –     21.8

The winner and not by much is
* Don who had 297.5 and missed by 17.3 inches of snow.


Syracuse – 83.2
Rochester – 63.8
Binghamton – 53.8
Buffalo – 48.7
Albany – 30.7

Total = 280.2

The snow totals above is what NOAA, The National Weather Service has reported as of the end of yesterday.  So the magic number to hit or be closest to after adding the totals of the 5 Golden Snowball cities comes out to 280.2 inches of snow.