All posts for the month August, 2008

Well on this last day of August and summer unoffically comming to an end I figured a new post is in order. I don’t know about what everyone else thinks but for me this summer was on the boring-lame side. The weather was just terrible constant rain and storms, a cool wet period for late July and early August, no real summer heatwave. I think I used my pool all of twice this summer. And my garden was a major flop this year, the rain flooded my garden so often I lost most of my plants to mold and rot. Last year when it was hot and dry and SUNNY I pumped out almost 700 pounds of vegtables this year I barely cleared 100 pounds.

Anyways this past week the annual almanacs were released. While their is very little science involved in the forcasting of these two publications it is an interesting read and gets you into the “winter is comming” mode. The more traditional and more respected “Old Farmers Almanac” calls for our winter to be somewhat delayed and not starting until Thanksgiving. They call for a very cold December but not much in the way of snowfall. They then point towards a warm January followed by a cold March with much above average precipatation. So in a nutshell a pretty basic winter with the up and down times. However the original “Farmers Almanac” while it doesnt go into a much detailed forcast is warning those in the northeast to prepare for one of the worst winters we have seen in many years. They describe the northeast as being in danger of a long “numbingly cold and very snowy” winter.

While I don’t want to get to deep into my early predicitions I had been leaning towards a cold, not numbingly, but still cold winter, that would see and early start with lots of lake effect follwowed by numerous general storms, before a very early start to the srping of 09. I am seeing this as being a top 5 snowfall season for a few GSB cities this season. However for the exact figures you are going to have to wait until October 1st when I post my official predicitions and kick off to lake effect season blog.