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It’s the last Point Blank Range Forecast of the season, and the way the forecasts have been, the end couldn’t have come soon enough. Details on the last forecast to come, but first, as always, is the look back at the last outlook.

The previous prediction involved snowfall on the 23rd and 24th. Below are the totals for those 2 days.

Albany: 0.6
Binghamton: 5.2
Buffalo: 7.0
Rochester: 6.8
Syracuse: 3.9

Bull’s Eye: Binghamton has more snow than any other GSB city.
On Target: Binghamton has more snow than 3 of the other GSB cities.
Complete Miss: Any other result.

Oh look! Another Complete Miss! That’s 5 for the season. Combined with the On Target over at Golden Snow Globe, I’m below the 1.00 goal set before the season. The only way I can reach it now is with 2 Bull’s Eye predictions. With 1 forecast left, it’s all or nothing: both GSB and GSG forecasts must be Bull’s Eyes or it is an unsuccessful season for me, at least as far as the PBR Forecasts are concerned.

Now on to this forecast, which will focus on temperatures. Hey, I need to give myself some chance at a Bull’s Eye. Temperatures were the only Bull’s Eye here, so that’s what I’m going with when I need it most.

Cooler temperatures are in store for the GSB cities for most of the week. Temperatures should be below average for all GSB cities in at least one of the days.

Bull’s Eye: All five GSB cities have below average highs both days.
On Target: All five GSB cities have below average highs in one day.
Complete Miss: Any GSB city has above average highs both days.

Remember to check out Golden Snow Globe for the forecast over there as well. Enjoy the week everyone!

Well spring is here but spring is definitely not in the air. Just a bunch of that white fluffy stuff that we call white gold in the winter months. In the spring I think most of us call it the white #%&% that just won’t go away. All I can say is sooner or later it has to stop.


Our fun snow contest was mentioned across America on the America in The Morning radio show and the Jim Bohannon show both hosted by Jimbo. As hesitant as I am to post the clip for the fact that I am a sissy man when it comes to speaking I will. Keep in mind this was on a few hours sleep along with fighting bronchitis. As always I do try to give credit to Stephen butttt :( You can listen to the clip here which will open up whatever program you have on your comp that plays audio. A big thanks to Jim and Tom for the chance to make the normal fool of myself on over 500 radio stations across the country 😉


I like Jeff Kramer’s idea to celebrate Done Day. Jeff who writes for the Syracuse Post Standard idea is to celebrate the first day that it reaches 65 degrees in CNY. Of course this is something that all of the Golden Snowball cities could celebrate. Ummm, scratch that! Albany really can’t because isn’t it something like 65 degrees most of the winter there?

Anyways check out Jeff Kramer’s article on Done Day at

According to Stephens stats it looks like Binghamton has moved up to it’s 7th snowiest season on record with this last snowfall.

1. 1993-1994 (131.3)
2. 1995-1996 (131.2)
3. 1992-1993 (122.7)
4. 1955-1956 (122.6)
5. 2002-2003 (117.6)
6. 1977-1978 (115.3)
7. 2010-2011 (114.4 so far)
8. 1969-1970 (114.0)
9. 1970-1971 (108.6)
10. 1957-1958 (108.3)

Buffalo broke a date record yesterday with 6.8 inches beating the old record of 3.8 back in 1974 and Rochester beat theirs with 6.3 beating the old snow record of 5.6 which went way back to 1965.

Have a Super Day All!!!

Happy Spring everyone! Ah, but just because the calendar says it’s a new season, doesn’t mean the weather has to go with it. One more push of snow is coming to the GSB cities. My forecast on that is to come, but first a look back at the last prediction.

The previous PBR forecast involved temperatures for the GSB cities. Below is the low temperatures for the two days, 11th first with 13th in parenthesis.

Albany: 53 (43)
Binghamton: 44 (38)
Buffalo: 34 (34)
Rochester: 49 (38)
Syracuse: 43 (40)

Bull’s Eye: Friday’s high will be at least 10 degrees warmer than Sunday’s for all five GSB cities.
On Target: Friday’s high will be at least 10 degrees warmer than Sunday’s for 3 of the five GSB cities.
Complete Miss: Friday’s high will be at least 10 degrees warmer than Sunday’s less than 3 of the five GSB cities.

Only two cities had double digit differences, so this is a Complete Miss, the 4th of the season.

Despite this, my average went up, thanks to a Bull’s Eye on Golden Snow Globe. Is it weird that I can forecast better for different parts of the U.S. than I can for my home state? Maybe it’s just the nature of our weather, or the forecasts themselves. I’m still below the 1.00 goal though, and with 2 forecasts left, there is not much room for another Complete Miss.

Now on to this forecast which involves snowfall. It looks like Binghamton will be the hardest hit among the GSB cities. In previous forecasts, I would take one city over the combined totals of the other four. Those would backfire badly. I’ve finally learned my lesson, going a little more cautious this time.

Bull’s Eye: Binghamton has more snow than any other GSB city.
On Target: Binghamton has more snow than 3 of the other GSB cities.
Complete Miss: Any other result.

Be sure to check out the Golden Snow Globe site to see the forecast there as well.

Yesterday, Binghamton reported 2.8 inches of snowfall, making this season their 8th snowiest so far with 109.2 inches. The 2001-02 season, with 107.2 inches, is now out of the Top 10. Here are Binghamton’s top 10 snowiest seasons.

1. 1993-1994 (131.3)
2. 1995-1996 (131.2)
3. 1992-1993 (122.7)
4. 1955-1956 (122.6)
5. 2002-2003 (117.6)
6. 1977-1978 (115.3)
7. 1969-1970 (114.0)
8. 2010-2011 (109.2 so far)
9. 1970-1971 (108.6)
10. 1957-1958 (108.3)

This season now ranks in the Top 10 for three of the GSB cities since 1951-52. Buffalo and Rochester still are behind the pace, sitting at 22nd and 15th respectively.

While it’s still March, I wanted to get the April forecast in now. Before I do that though, I’ll give a quick update on the March forecast.

If you recall, the outlook for the month involved snowfall compared to average. Below are the snowfall totals for the month so far, with monthly average in parenthesis.

Albany: 6.6 (10.9)
Binghamton: 20.2 (14.2)
Buffalo: 4.1 (12.4)
Rochester: 8.0 (16.6)
Syracuse: 14.1 (18.8)

Right now, only Binghamton is over their monthly average. I need at least 2 more to do the same to get the On Target spot, with all four meaning a Bull’s Eye prediction.

Now on to April’s outlook. I believe that the snow machine is coming to an end. There will be snow this week (more on that tomorrow!), but I believe that will be the final push. With that in mind, I’m giving a range for how this season will rank for each city at the end of April.

Albany: 5-9
Binghamton: 3-6
Buffalo: 13-19
Rochester: 8-12
Syracuse: 3-4

Bull’s Eye: All five GSB cities are within the given ranges.
On Target: Three or four are in the given ranges.
Complete Miss: Two or fewer are in the given ranges.

Happy Spring everyone! Be sure to check out the SITD forecast over on Golden Snow Globe as well.

I’m just curious and have only 2 questions to ask. OK, maybe a few buttt….

First off are you ready to move on from the winter weather? No doubt it’s been a pretty tough one but would ya rather see the 200 mark hit for Syracuse? Something none of the Golden Snowball cities have been able to accomplish yet. Buffalo was close with their record 199 inches butttt…. So is it lets move on or nah, lets have another storm or two to push us over the 200 mark is OK with me?

Second, if I were to try and sell our winter to someone outside of the city of Syracuse and the Mayor, who by the way isn’t a sissy lady and grasps the winters we have here, What would your pros and cons be? LEAVE A COMMENT!

Obviously we have the winter fest and snow is good for that, really. Skiing, sledding and so on. Cons I suppose would be driving in the snow, over budget with plowing and so on. Leave some comments as what you think the pros and cons are about our snowfall season.

Have a Super Week Everyone!!!