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I just took a look at the radar and the game eeny, meeny, miny, moe comes to mind when trying to figure out which city is going to make out the best in the next 24 hours or so :) Any Guesses???

Right now it looks like the winds have shifted around Buffalo and coming from more of a north – northwest flow right so in my opinion all 3 of the Big cities have a shot at piling up some good snow amounts with either Buffalo, Rochester or Syracuse getting a little extra over the others. If I were to guess and that’s normally all I can do (remember I’m clueless) I would guess that the heavier bands are going to set up right between Rochester and Syracuse.

That said Buffalo added another 5+ inches to their totals since the last update so they have a shot at taking the lead if the Arctic air stays on more of a northern pattern. Again, remember the source. Me :( Either way it should get slick in all of the cities off and on and lets see if we can come up with a lead change.

Here in the Syracuse area a pretty good band went by this morning dropping around 2 inches in probably under an hour and most likely did the same for Buffalo and Rochester. IMO it’s a toss of the coin as to which city will win this round of snowfall. Right now mostly sunny with the winds picking up 😉

Have a great Evening and remember “Snow Means Slow”! Take it easy out there.

Sorry about the lack of updates but there hasn’t really been anything to update. All of the golden snowball cities are below their normal snowfall for this time in the season. The next few days hopefully will start things up again but for how long. Let’s hope the rest of the snow season. Yesterday was a warm but rainy day which makes me ask,

Would you rather have a day like yesterday with a ton of rain and the temperature around 50 degrees or would you rather have the cold and snow? My opinion is that the weather yesterday was just to dark and gloomy for me. I’d rather have the white stuff falling myself.

Hey, how about DA’CUSE? Great game against Georgetown last night and a great season so far. GO CUSE!!!!!

Both snow contest stats have been updated as of this morning 😉

Stephen aka PSUSyr5 has been posting some fun forecasts on the Golden Snow Globe website It’s all in fun and lets see if we can get some interaction. Here is what Stephen posted to get you all involved. You can pick an area in New York State or any other region in the United States. The idea IMO is to make it a hard one so we can stump the weather chump 😉

From PSUSyr5 – You’ve seen the Golden Snow Cast forecasts, but none of them have been for an area where you live. Or, perhaps there is a region out there that you’d like to see a forecast for, and the Golden SnowCast didn’t cover it. After all, there is only one World prediction in each Golden SnowCast forecast, so the chances of coverage for a specific area are quite small for a given time period. Or, maybe the Golden SnowCast did cover your area previously, but now you want more.

Say hello to Stump the Weather Chump. This is your chance to be a part of the forecasts. Just make a reply to this, or any Golden Snow Cast or Stump the Weather Chump post stating at least the region for which you would like a forecast. You can also mention what you would like in the forecast as well (temperature, precipitation, etc). I would like to keep the forecasts to 2-3 days ahead. Some forecasts may be general statements (at least half of the cities in the area will have temperatures 5 below average, all cities will have at least an inch of snow, etc) or involve a range (high temperatures 40-45, snow 1-3 inches, etc). That will mostly depend on what’s out there and the details given in the forecast request. So, basically, this will be like the Golden Snowcast forecast, except you control the forecast elements.

As with the Golden Snowcast, I’ll be keeping track of my progress (or lack there of) with this.

Have a Great Sunday All!!!

It’s been kind of quiet the last few days but Rochester is slowly inching it’s way back toward the top. They’ve taken 4 inches off of Syracuse’s lead over them to be only 9 inches away from the lead and right now are less than a couple of inches away from reclaiming 2nd place in the Golden Snowball contest.

There is still a lot of Winter left and the race is a whole lot closer than it was at this time last season. In other words the golden snowball trophy is up for grabs for all of the GSB cities right now. Even Binghamton is staying close enough to the top to have a shot at the trophy.

I’m in the process of gathering the snow stats for the national contest and they will be posted later today. It should be interesting to see how the North East ends up this round.

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Have a Great Day All!