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It is now official!!! Syracuse has taken over the title as King of the Snow Hill and for the first time in the 2006 – 2007 Golden Snowball contest Buffalo is no longer in the lead. Way to go Syracuse snowing in at 50.2 inches.

My guess is that it might be a short stance on the hill for Syracuse. I’m thinking the fun really is just starting and that there will be several lead changes in the coming weeks and as I have said before, don’t be surprised to see Rochester grabbing a share of the top spot down the road. I’ll have to look but I think that was the longest that anyone has held onto the lead right from the start of the season up until the very last day of January. To that I say, way to go Buffalo. Have a great night all. Make that have a snowy night all and look for an update in the late morning.

Unless something changes before NOAA puts out their next snow totals updates the Golden Snowball contest unofficially has a new leader. After making hundreds of calculations, dozens of phone calls, taking measurements and so on it appears that Syracuse has finally taken over the lead. Unofficially that is. Ok, I really didn’t do any of that stuff except to take a measurement in the yard which came in at 5 inches and even that is unofficial because it wasn’t done in accordance to the NWS standards. That all said, the official numbers should be in sometime around 5:30 with the Binghamton NOAA posting the stats for Syracuse’s overnight snowfall and for part of today.

I did find a couple of data pages which indeed show that it is safe to UNOFFICIALLY say that right now Syracuse should be in the lead. If Buffalo piles up some snow before the official stats come out at around 5:30 then they will continue to hold the lead without ever having lost it because this is all Unofficial if you get my drift, snow drift that is. Look for a later day update and the possibility of an Officially new leader.

Right now I’m looking out the window and see 3 crows staring back at me, really. The first thing that comes to mind is I hope I’m not eating crow come 5:30 for making this post :(

We need to keep this quiet. Just one week ago we announced that Syracuse was within 1 inch of tying Buffalo and they countered our attack by adding more snow to their totals. So shhhh, Syracuse is going to try and sneak up on them again and hopefully there will be a different outcome this time. The last time someone from Syracuse sent out our snowmen troops to do a little spying and try and find out how Buffalo was able to stay the King of the Snow Hill all season. Rumor has it that the mission was leaked out perhaps by a top official in the Mayors office. Eyes have been focused on Dennis Brogan and Sheri Owens for the possible breach of security. Below are several freeze frames that were captured on video surveillance from the Buffalo weather central headquarters. Be warned, the pictures below are graphic and not intended for the squeamish snow lovers. Click picture to enlarge and No narration is needed as the pictures say it all.

Syracuse is Just 1.1 inches away from taking the lead. Keep your defences up Buffalo and watch out for Rochester who also has their sights on the Golden Snowball trophy! Have a great day all!

Rochester continues to melt away the lead that both Buffalo and Syracuse has on them. Add another 3.4 inches to Rochester’s totals compared to Buffalo’s latest report of another 1.3 inches and Syracuse showing an embarrassing 1 tenth of an inch for yesterday and the same for Binghamton, just 1/10 of new snowfall. Both city’s should hold their head down in shame after letting Albany, who picked up 0.4 on the day beat them. That will change though. Snow is in the forecast for today and tonight, right into part of tomorrow.

Several warnings, advisories and so on are in effect for a few of the cities. Right now Syracuse is getting a good blast of snow on and off with the heavier stuff expected to come down later. The chances are that Buffalo and Rock city will get in on the action also. Buffalo has been able to fend off Syracuse’s attempts so far to over take them in the Golden Snowball contest. At one point Syracuse was within 1.1 inches of taking the lead away but Buffalo picked up several more inches to stay king of the snow hill. I mentioned before and I’ll say it again. Watch out for Rochester because they are making a move and are well capable of sledding into the lead with a couple good snowfalls that miss the other both DaCuse and Buffalo.

More on the battle of the Snowmen to come soon including Syracuse’s ill fated attempt to send a snowman spy into the Generals territory in Buffalo.

The person below is wanted in connection with an attempted coup against the city of Syracuse and his quest to bring the Golden Snowball trophy out of the Syracuse jurisdiction and cross it over to the Buffalo county lines. He is know to be the highest ranking Buffalonian and seems to be in charge of capturing the trophy from the city of Syracuse. Please use caution when approaching such suspect as he has been know to be armed with a semi-auto snowball thrower. He goes by many aliases including The General, Smadson and just plain Steve. He is also wanted by the city of Syracuse for attempting and successfully recruiting several others in his mad, insane and sick attempt to dethrone the city of Syracuse.

Below is a picture that was captured by intelligence from the city of Syracuse of his accomplices. They are also considered dangerous and it is recommended that you do not approach them especially on a warm day when they tend to get very irritated and begin to sweat profusely. They are described as being white, a mouth shaped like chocolate chip cookies and scary tomato red eyes. They are considered very dangerous with a very cold heart so please contact the authority’s if seen.

Ok before I get an email from Steve saying he has been captured by some visiting Syracusans and is in a car headed East or worse yet a call from the police saying 911 is getting a lot of calls from people saying they have a snowman cornered in their back yards, I’m kidding. Steve is one of the biggest fans of the NYS Golden Snowball contest and just plain old winter weather in Buffalo. He knows how to have fun with it and is responsible for a lot of the research on stats that show up here on the GSB website. No doubt he would love to see the trophy sitting somewhere in Buffalo come the end of this snow season. Wishful thinking but none the less.

One thing that makes me go Hmmm though is why isn’t the Buffalo media covering the fact that they have been winning the Golden Snowball contest right from the start this year. Forget the other news! It’s too depressing! This is the story the people want to read about. Buffalo is winning and not a word in print in the papers. Saturday night live has mentioned the contest in the past years, Paul Harvey mentioned it on his radio show before, the New York times has mentioned it, USA today did an article on the contest, Syracuse news talks about it every now and then but nothing from Buffalo this year.

And where is the Weather Channel. Every day they mention one of the city’s in the contest and talk about the snow where getting. I think it would be more fun to hear them say instead of “Oh and Look at Buffalo getting the lake effect snow today”, something like “Oh Buffalo should be able to hold onto the lead a little longer in this seasons NYS Golden Snowball contest with the lake effect they are getting right now. Just my opinion of course 😉 General keep an eye on your troops, I might have to do a sun dance if you get too far ahead of the rest of us. Hey, have a great weekend all!

Way to go Buffalo. Buffalo once again has kept Syracuse from reaching the top of the snow hill. They just don’t want to give it up. I thought for sure Syracuse would be able to sneak up on them by the end of tonight but Buffalo is watching and they added another 5.4 inches to their totals yesterday compared to Rochester’s 1.9 inches and Syracuse’s 0.9 inches. Oh, and give Albany a tenth of an inch and nothing is showing for Binghamton. Syracuse better watch their backs because Rochester is slowly sneaking up on them the last few days.

Most of the lake effect warnings were canceled except for N. Oneida which goes until noon. That might be a good thing though. Buffalo got their snow when they weren’t under a warning so maybe the other cities can do the same. The razzing has already started from the General from Buffalo and rightly so because he knows what’s coming his way if Syracuse ever takes over the hill 😉 The way the General is guarding it though, it might have to wait a little longer.

Right now just a light snowfall in the Syracuse area and looking at some of the radars it looks like Buffalo has it’s snow shield up again and Rock City might be able to add to their totals with some flurries around their neighborhood. Binghamton really needs to get their snow season going and going soon. Have a great day all!