Thanks For The Donations

For all of our visitors I just wanted to make a page up where I can personally thank those of you that have made a donation to the site. A lot of time goes into the Golden Snowball snow site and I really appreciate the donations we receive and that you took the time to do it. A Big Thanks :)   I also wanted a section to thank the media that helps spread the word around about the golden snowball contest and website.  In other words I want all of you to know how much we appreciate you for just taking the time ;)

For Advertisers – For those of you that donate $50.00 or more I will give your site a backlink to your website if you have one and so request it on this page here, currently a PR3 ranking by Google for 5 months. No Guarantees on whether the page rank will stay the same. It may go up or down. No naughty sites and your website must be family friendly for all ages. Your link will remain for 5 months with the option to renew it and stay in the same position on the webpage. There are also several other advertising opportunities to advertise on the website. Any questions please use the contact form page.

Thanks for Your Donations

This Snow Season 2014 – 2015

* Emily R
* Joe. A
* Bonnie L.
* Jonathon T
* Web Architechs

The 2013 -2014 Snow Season

* Alison S.
* Robert S. – also has a forum for Central NY’s Subaru enthusiasts, who are   naturally snow fanatics –
* Dennis F.
* Barry K.
* Cynthia B.
* Jim M.
* Philip G.
* Melissa W.
* Maria D. – A professional graphic designer in the Syracuse, NY area who does signs, graphics and web design and more. Check her out at Direct Design Studio
* Margaret S.
* Danielle D. – Has a printer ink and laser toner blog with coupons that you can check out at Printer Ink Cartridges.
* Alison S.
* James M.
* Valerie A.
* Carol S

If I missed any of you pleaseeeeee let me know so I can add you here. Thank You to all of you and I Truly do appreciate it.

If you would like to make a donation which we very much appreciate just click on the donate picture and you do not need to have a Pay Pal acnt to make a donation.  That will take you to Pay Pal which will accept your donation via credit card or your Pay Pal account.  Thanks in advance, Patrick ;)

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