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As we all know, it has been a very quiet month snow-wise this December. In fact, the city with the most snow this month is Binghamton, with 6.7 inches. The least snowiest December among the five cities is Albany, with less than an inch. This got us thinking…what are the top 5 least snowy Decembers for each of the GSB cities? After a little bit of research, here they are!

Trace (1928 and 1895)
0.3 (2006)
0.5 (1931)
0.6 (1943)

4.0 (1994)
4.2 (2006)
4.7 (1957)
5.4 (1965)
6.2 (1998)

1.1 (1891 and 1889)
1.7 (1943)
2.9 (1931)
3.4 (1896)

2.6 (1939 and 1928)
4.1 (1932)
4.3 (1936)
4.7 (1891)

2.7 (1931)
2.8 (1947)
3.4 (1932)
5.2 (1924)
5.9 (1994)

As some of our readers probably know, when I did the seasonal snow rankings last Winter, I used the 1951-52 season as a starting point. That was to sort of make it an even playing field as that was the first season available with data for all five GSB cities. One of the reasons was to compare rankings by city (as an example: City A is having their 15th snowiest season, while City B is at their 26th). It wouldn’t be “fair” if one city’s records went back 50 years while another one went back 100 years or more. This time around, I decided to go with all available seasons. Since I’m not comparing each other’s rankings (that might come later) with each other, I believed this to be the way to go. As such, I should mention that the period of record can vary greatly city to city. Albany (1874), Buffalo (1871) and Rochester (1871) have a much earlier starting point than Binghamton (1951) and, to a lesser extent, Syracuse (1902).

By the way, with 4.2 inches of snow so far, Rochester could crack the top 5 of their least snowiest seasons! A half an inch or less is what it’ll take these last few days of the month.

Syracuse has finally gotten some winter like weather picking up a few inches of snow in some pretty windy conditions.  This is what CNY is suppose to look like in December.  Buffalo is only reporting half an inch of snow so far and with The Rock showing 1.8 inches Buffalo heads to the bottom of the Golden Snowball hill :)

Binghamton was able to add to their totals and also stay ahead of Albany which decided to sit this one out so far.  I think we should call this little blast of snowfall take 2.  Take 1 didn’t go to well so lets see if this gets the snow falling and the lake machines rolling 😉

Syracuse still has a slight chance of breaking the record for the least snowiest December which according to Stephen since the snow has been measured at the airport was in 1994 with 5.9 inches.  I don’t see that happening though for the fact that it is still snowing off and on and looking at the radar it looks like the Lake effect is giving one last shot at trying to get some snow bands going.  More to come tomorrow when all of the snow stats come in.

Have a Super Day All and watch out for some slippery spots on the road!

Well it’s not quite what I had in mind for a white Christmas here in Syracuse but there is a dusting of snow on the ground.  If the sun comes out for 10 minutes that will be the end of that.  Perhaps tonight and tomorrow will bring all of the Golden Snowball cities a few inches of snow to cover the ground 😉  Any snow on the ground in the other cities?

We just wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas.  From our Families to yours have a safe, white or green, Merry Christmas and lets remember those who are away from their families these holidays protecting all of us.


Well, not quite yet but take a look out the window in about an hour and say goodbye to Fall and Hello to good ole Winter.  Winter Solstice 2011 begins at 12:30 am EST on Thursday, December 22nd if I’m not mistaken.  Kind of has us wondering now what ole man winter has in store for us.  SNOW Would Be Nice :(

Normally we say, “oh, what a nice summer we had” or “what a beautiful spring it’s been” and of course “well that what one long crappy winter”.  I think the snow haters can now add “wow, what an awesome fall we had this year” and depending on how you feel about snow they would be right – or wrong.

The good news is that after today which is the shortest day of the year, the days will start to get longer again.  Yup, a minute here, a couple there and before ya know it, it will be Spring again.  Let’s just hope we get some SNOW in the SPRING to make up for this lousy fall 😉

Make me also think of last December.  Just think, we had most of that December snow, 70 + inches of it in the fall.  So no doubt this has been one of the easiest falls we have had so far and has to be one of the least snowiest falls on record.  We’ll check on that some day.

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Anyways, just wanted to drop by and wish all of you a Happy, Merry Winter All :)


More info on Winter Solstice 2011 at

Yesterday was the end of a few streaks for Syracuse as the official count for the day was exactly 1 inch. It had been almost 270 days since Syracuse last had at least an inch of snowfall, that’s the 5th longest streak since 1902! The longest such streak was in 2009, at 287 days. Credit to

In addition, it is tied for the 2nd latest inch of snowfall in a season since 1902. The other time that the first inch of snowfall took place on December 17th was in 1922! The latest was back in 1998, when it wasn’t until December 22nd when an inch of snow finally fell in Syracuse. Thanks to Julia Weiden from WSYR-TV for the information.

According to stats that I have been able to find on the NWS climate page, Syracuse’s least snowy December (since 1950) was in 1994, with 5.9 inches. As of yesterday, this December stands at 1.1 inches. With under 2 weeks left in the month, it seems like this December will be very close to breaking the record. Though, at this point all it takes is one semi-decent storm to push this month over the 6 inch total mark.

While the snow isn’t covering much of anything (I can still see grass peaking out of the snow), it is a start. One that Syracuse very much needs considering its last place standing.

I think it’s time to say enough already or make that not enough already.  With Syracuse being in last place and all of the other cities with the exception of Albany having a pitiful snow season it was time.  Time to do a snow dance and this may have been the earliest in the season that it has been preformed.

The snow dance took place last evening and as always it was done in a remote location under strict secrecy.  Now it’s a matter of wait and see what happens :)  With the lack of snowfall this season and the weather patterns that CNY has been on I’m thinking that if nothings changed in the next 72 hours or so it probably didn’t work.  Normally I do a snow dance just for Syracuse to try and stay ahead of the competition, Buffalo, Rochester and Binghamton.  Albany who :)  This one was done for all of the cities so it may take a little longer to see some of that fluffy white stuff start to fall.  Let’s hope not though.

I’m still hoping to here from Ellen to see if the Snow God has been taken out of hybernation.  Hopefully the Snow God can get something going.  If it works maybe I should start charging the ski slopes, snow mobiles, sledders and other snow enthusiasts a little kick back to do the dance.  It might even be time to turn the Pajamas inside out and do a few more snowfall rituals to get this season going.  Lets just keep our fingers crossed and hope the first snow dance works.

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Have a Super week all 😉