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First off a Big Thanks to Captain Kev for his donation to the site and good luck with your certification Kevin 😉

OK, Sorry about the updates or should I say lack of updates?  It’s been a busy but fun few days visiting with family and friends during the Christmas holiday and it will be getting even better when My grandson arrives here later on tonight.  I’ll try and get some more updates in as we get ready for the weekend.  A Merry Christmas from my family to yours :)

Have a Great Night All!

First off a big Thanks to Brian N for your donation to the site.  It means a lot and helps out a lot also.  Thanks Brian :)

It was Buffalo by a flake a couple of days ago then Rochester slipped past them for the lead and as of now it’s Syracuse on top of the snow hill.  WTG Syracuse :)

What is really standing out right now other than all of the lead changes and how close the snow contest is so far is Albany.  Look at Albany’s totals so far for the season, about double their normal snow totals for this time of year and more than 16 inches above what they had last season at this time.  No doubt it would be a shocker if Albany ever won the contest 😉

It’s been snowing off and on here in the Syracuse area so there will be more snow to add to their totals.  Is any of the other cities getting snow?

Have a Great Day All – See Snow, Drive Slow 😉

Updated 12/15 8:30 PM – Hold the press!  That was a short lived lead for Syracuse.  The last update from NOAA shows that Buffalo has taken the lead by 1 snowflake or a tenth of an inch.  Really, it’s Buffalo on top, for a little while anyways but it’s nice to see them in the top spot.  There is a good chance that come morning there may be another lead change for the fact that Rochester wasn’t showing any new stats for whatever reason.  Stay Tuned and WTG Buffalo.  Could this be their season that they take the trophy?

Updated 12/15 10:00 AM – Syracuse has taken the lead from The Roc who is now tied with Buffalo for second.  It’s Syracuse on the top of the snow hill but only by an inch.  I’m loving how 4 of the Golden Snowball cities are keeping up with each other and keeping it close so far this season :)

When I was doing this update I was actually pulling for Buffalo believe it or not because it seems like it’s been quite awhile since they have been able to hold onto the lead.  All is pretty quiet right now and we’ll see what the later day update has to show as far as snow totals go.



First off sorry about the lack of updates the last couple of days.  I’ve been still moving and didn’t have internet access other then the local library and time is limited there so I had to work on some of my other sites that pay the bills.  Also a Thanks to someone who donated to the website but didn’t want her name listed.  I do appreciate the kindness and your donation.  Thank You :)

OK, I received an email that I can’t find now but I think it was from maybe Dave pointing out that Buffalo jumped ahead of Syracuse.  I’m not sure if they will be ahead come morning but they are up a couple of flakes right now..  Thanks for the heads up :)

It’s bedtime here for now and I’ll get another update in come tomorrow morning and hopefully a full update also on the National Snow contest.

Rochester picked up 3.7 inches of snow yesterday which was enough for them to slip past Syracuse for the top spot on the snow hill.  Way to go Rochester :)  Snow is in the air and will be for at least the next couple of days so the snow contest will get interesting.

All of the Golden Snowball cities except for Syracuse received measurable snowfall yesterday including Albany which had 0,6 inches of new snow.  Buffalo got 1.1 inches but Binghamton grabbed 1.7 inches of snow yesterday which was enough to keep them just ahead of Buffalo on the snow hill.  Just a trace for Syracuse.

With the Lake Effect Machine already cranked up and dumping a lot of snow to the North it should be a good snowball fight this week between the GSB cities for the top spot.  I’ll be posting the snow stats as they come in from the National Weather Service and as always, See Snow, Drive Slow!

Have a Great Day All 😉

Binghamton has jumped ahead of Buffalo this last update but only by a few flakes. Most of the Golden Snowball cities are now right around their normal snowfall averages for this time in the season and are starting to get a good jump on how much snow we had this time last year.

A couple of the cities, Syracuse and Rochester are more than a foot of snow above last season at this time. If my math is right and remember it’s me and I tend to use fuzzy math although not on purpose :( here are the differences from last season for the GSB cities.

Syracuse + 12.4
Rochester + 12.8
Binghamton + 5.7
Buffalo + 7.7
Albany + 1.8

It’s been so quiet this past week so that’s about all I got to post about. With this current storm that is hitting the east coast it could be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. In the mean time I did get a full update in on the National Snow Contest today at .

Have a Great Week All :)