All posts for the month April, 2007

For some reason Merry Easter seems more fitting than Happy Easter. With the temperature hanging below the freezing mark and snow squalls in the area it feels more like Christmas than Easter Sunday doesn’t it? I just checked out the channel 9 weather forecast and at least the 7 day forecast looks promising with a climb in temperatures each day to hopefully get us back to normal temps which is suppose to be around 50 degrees or so. Not a whole lot to talk about snow wise other than a few tenths here and there.

Easter Sunday dinner is at our house as usual so I’m off to start cooking or to at least attempt to :) From our family to yours, Have a Happy Easter All!

I’m trying to figure out what’s worse. Having a Green Christmas or having a White Easter? Snow is in the forecast and The General says it is snowing in Buffalo as I type. I think setting the clocks ahead a few weeks early isn’t helping much with the anticipation of a Spring that will stick around. It only antagonizes us into thinking that we are really close to surviving another Upstate New York winter. In other words, put the gardening tools back in the shed and break out the shovels. Winter is Back (add cuss word here)! Hopefully this will be the last of it and in a week or so from now the 2006 – 2007 snow season will just be a memory of the past.

I just went and got my hunting license today. It’s open season on groundhogs who make weather predictions based on seeing or not seeing their shadows. I’m kidding of course. I would never hurt Phil or any of the others. Besides, we did have a few days of almost nice weather and I can almost swear I saw the sun a few times which is a plus for New York state. I think next year on Groundhogs day I am going to crawl from my hole in the house, grab a cup of coffee and stroll outside to see if I see my shadow. After normally gaining about 10 pounds during the winter season the chances are pretty good that I’ll see it. So I’ll call it now. Next year 12 more weeks of winter. Never mind the 6 weeks! Hey, you heard it here first. Just call me Pugsy Patrick.

On a good note my sons varsity baseball team at East Syracuse Minoa was able to get in 2 games so far this season. A scrimmage game against Henninger High School who my son said has a pretty good team and a regular season game against Homer. Tomorrows game is canceled of course due to the rain today and most likely the forecast for a high of 28 – 30 degrees. They head to Virginia to play some of the local school teams down there and they will be catching a Baltimore Orioles game compliments of a great pitcher on the team named Todd Williams who graduated from ESM. One thing about Todd is he remembers his roots and has been great to the area when it comes to pitching in to help out with the kids, giving his personal time in the off season. A Big Kudos to Todd and have a Great season pitching! Have a super week all!