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Both the bragging rights and the Golden Snowball trophy are still up for grabs but the days are numbered now for Rochester and Buffalo to steal it away from Syracuse. Looking at the upcoming forecasts it looks like 50 degree weather might be around with a hit or miss here and there. Right now it’s a gorgeous Spring day with plenty of sunshine and the temps hovering around 50 degrees.

Just a little reminder of what all the cities haven’t seen except for Syracuse in their city since the Golden Snowball contest was resurrected along with a free plug for channel 9 news.

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Right now it’s still just a matter of 4 inches keeping it sitting in Dennis Brogan’s office in the city of Syracuse. Personally I think Dennis might be getting a bit too attached to it by now and it may be time to give it up. On the other hand I haven’t talked to Dennis in quite some time but the way he sounded when I last spoke to him is that when/if Syracuse loses the bragging rights they will find a fun way to deliver it to the winning city. The big question is will it be this snow season or will that have to wait another season.

Personally I have mixed feelings about Syracuse losing the bragging rights to the contest along with the Golden Snowball trophy. It’s fun when people talk about how much snow Buffalo gets blowing off Syracuse and Rochester and being able to say to them that the Trophy has resided in Syracuse for the past several years. On the other hand I think it would make the contest a bit more exciting and fun to see it leave the city of Syracuse. Only for 1 snow season that is. With that said all I can say is “Good Luck” to Rochester and Buffalo down the home stretch. I’m pulling for you, sort of!

Have a great day all and Good Luck to the Syracuse Chiefs this season who start their baseball season with a home opener today.

I know it’s only April and we technically still have a potential 4 more weeks of winter, but I’m ready for spring and summer to get here. You know it’s been a long winter when a snow lover like myself has had enough. Only made it to 35 today but I spent most of my day off outside doing some yard work and man oh man did it feel GREAT to get out and soak up some sun for a couple hours. Probably the best I’ve felt in a few months, the short days (light wise), the cold, and days after days of clouds really start to wear you down mentally over the winter months.

Barring any suprises in the next 2 weeks I’m thinking the standings are pretty well locked up even though it wouldn’t take much to rattle the top 3 places. Personally I’m content with the snow being over for another year. Get out there and soak up some of those wonderful sunny rays everyone!

This is one of the days that I am glad that my kids are off to college. In other words I don’t have to watch my back the whole day and night like I use to when they were littler. Now that I think about it I kind of miss those days.

I was going to put Rochester in the lead with some big hyped up typing but then I started thinking about it. What if a journalist happen to stop by which they do every now and then and see it. Then write about it on their blog or worse yet write an article in one of the local newspapers. Then of course with the news being so big that Syracuse is losing the contest the AP picks it up meaning several other papers pick up the story and so on. I could only imagine the emails I would get when at the end of the night I write APRIL FOOLS! Yeah I know, I’m a sissy man!

I don’t know if I have ever typed about what I thought was one of my better April Fools day practical jokes or not but here it is.

Years ago when the dinosaurs walked the earth, maybe not that many years ago but along time ago I had a room mate who had to get up for work a couple hours before I did. I ended up setting the alarm and clocks something like 2 hours ahead of time on her. I also switched the hair conditioner with shampoo and the shampoo with hair conditioner. If I was smart I would have just stuck with the shampoo and hair conditioner joke but You all know I’m not that smart. Anyways she washed her hair with conditioner and conditioned it with shampoo like planned.

Here is where the practical joke accidentally went a little hay wire. My intention was to tell my roommate right before she left for work that the time was wrong and that she had another couple of hours before work started. That was my intention but what ended up happening was that I fell back to sleep and she ended up going to work 2 hours ahead of time only to find the parking lot empty and the doors locked, lol. Normally it was just a little dark out and she couldn’t figure out why it was really dark out until she heard the time on the radio I think it was. Anyways it all turned out OK after a few slaps on the back of the head because she was kind of happy that she got to go back to bed for another hour and a half or something like that.

The moral of this story??? Have a blast today young and old! I do have to wonder how many times “your shoes are untied” or “your zipper is down” will be used today and will work? Right now I’m thinking of what to pull on my roommate. The problem is she is 77 years old and not in the best of health. The best I can come up with is maybe switching her oxygen with helium. That could be good for a laugh or two. I”M KIDDING!!! I would never do that. Helium is way too expensive these days.

Oh yeah! Rochester continues to slip closer to Syracuse. As of today they are only 4 inches away from the Cuse. Go Rochester!!! Have Fun April Fools Day All!