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Binghamton added a couple more tenths of an inch to their snow total since yesterday and the chance are that most of the Golden Snowball cities will have something to add by come tomorrow. Syracuse had a couple of snow showers pass through but it has pretty much stopped snowing for now anyways. Looking at the radar a few minutes ago it looks like most of the snow in the Buffalo area is staying just to the south of them. That always seems to be the case. The band of snow that was in the Syracuse area looks like it shifted south more and may even be breaking up but it looks like some bands are trying to get going down to the south so Bingo might be able to add to their lead if it’s snow. GO BINGHAMTON!!! It’s tough to tell what’s going on in The Rock! Rochester looks like they are getting something. Maybe ZR or someone else from the Rochester area can give us an update as to whether it’s snowing there or not.

As usual the heavy stuff fell up North in the Fulton and Pulaski area along with some snow in Oswego. I just checked out the Suny Oswego snow cam and it was a mix of clouds and blue skies with snow on the ground. has a couple of pictures of the snow in Pulaski and Fulton on their site at I’m hoping that things shift from the south to the north a little bit so that Syracuse, Buffalo and Rochester can add on to the totals.

Below is a repost of all the snow cams that we posted last season. I haven’t checked them all yet but hopefully they are all still online.

Check out the cam at

The Suny Owsego Snow Cam

Below are some more web cams in the NY area and worth checking out to see if it’s snowing or not. One is from one of our forum members CNYWeather’s house and he has live streaming video on his site which he is still tweaking so bear with him as he fine tunes it. Tony, his real name is from the West Moreland area and he also has a 24 hour time lapse video which is pretty cool. You can check out the weather at and give the live cam a shot to see if it’s working at . The rest of the webcams are below which were posted by ZR800 and CNYweather from the forum. Some are streaming live and some are still frames which are updated frequently.

Here is a Downtown Syracuse cam for ya’s at Clinton Square. Syracuse Tug Hill Area (Scroll down page) Has a bunch of web cams from the Buffalo area. Has a great live feed from Oswego and right now you can watch them setting up the Christmas tree. A List of Cams The Adirondack’s I believe.

As Always Drive Careful this Winter and remember, Snow Means Slow! Have a Super Monday All!

First off what a super day it was with the sun shining and the temperatures hitting the 60’s. Unfortunately it’s looking like things are going to go down hill from here with probably a rainy day tomorrow for most of us with the temps in the 50’s. After tomorrow we are probably going to be seeing the Naughty S word in the forecast for several days so prepare yourself because I think it’s getting closer and closer to that time of the year where summer was just a memory of the past.

As for the sissyman getting sissier, to be honest I’m kind of liking it. Shane, my oldest son and myself, now an official sissyman cleaned out the garage last Sunday with one purpose in mind. So Dad can for the first time ever park the car in the garage this winter. The words cleaning, neat, organized have never, ever, ever been associated with me which kind of makes it kind of fun watching people walk into the garage for the first time since we’ve cleaned it out. Just the dumbfounded and confused looks on the faces of friends (OK, Friend, I’m exaggerating a little) and family like they are at the wrong house just may turn me into a clean freak for the enjoyment of it! NOT!

The thing is I was smiling the whole time just thinking how nice it is going to be to go out and start the car and go. Never mind the 5 – 10 minutes of cleaning off the car every time I head out to run to the store or take one of my kids somewhere, sometimes several times a day. No more cleaning off the car after a decent snowfall before I shovel and then having to shovel the extra snow that was just cleaned off the car. No more! Wait it gets even better. Really!

When my Dad past away several years ago I moved in with Mom to help out. Yeah, now you know! Not only am I a Sissy Man but I’m a Mommas boy also 😉 She was still driving at the time and she actually parked in the garage back then. There are dents on the garage siding to prove it. Many as a matter of fact (shhh). We had an electric garage door installed to make it easier for her. You know just click the button and the door opens and drive right in. Well she hasn’t driven in several years now that she is getting up there in age and the door opener hasn’t been seen ever since. This week part of the sissymans plan was to try and track down that remote to open the garage door so that I didn’t have to actually get out of the car, open the door and then get back int he car and drive it in. Well after an intensive search and I really do mean intensive search with a tom of cuss words to go along with it I finally found one of the remotes. I won’t get into the details about my victory dance once I found the remote but lets just say the rugged snow loving sissy man went to town. The garage is cleared out, the car actually fits in it and as any guy can relate to, I have a remote by my side now int the car.

Now I know most of you have probably had this what I call luxury for years without even thinking about it but to me part of the fun of winter was always cleaning the car off, shoveling around it, sometimes having to scrape the car (not so much Fun) while it was warming up. Now that I have turned sissier than I was the fun part will be trying not to put as many dents in the siding on the garage as Mom did.

The big question now is can I get even sissier. Maybe! I’m trying to decide what I want from Santa Claus this year and so far it’s down to either a wii game system or an automatic car starter. The man in me so far is leaning to the Wii so maybe there is hope for me still 😉

Binghamton and Buffalo continue to add to their early season snowfall totals after some lake effect this past weekend. You just have to love this time of year 70 degrees one day and snowing the next! Even though Pat is a bit behind on the leaderboard the biggest jump is Buffalo taking over 2nd place from Syracuse.

Buffalo picked up 1.2 inches on Sunday while Binghamton added 0.3 inches. The current leaderboard is…

Binghamton – 3.1
Buffalo – 1.3
Syracuse – 0.6
Rochester – 0.1
Albany – Trace

Should be a seasonable week weather wise with some rain towards the weekend, however some signs are pointing towards more snow heading into early next week. It’s only a matter of time before the cities really start adding up the inches!

Happy 2008 Presidential Election Day All!!! Today is the big day to get out and vote and if the national trend follows my families trend 2 out of 3 young voters will be voting. Three out of three would have been better but for some reason my oldest doesn’t seem to get what it means to have the right to vote. The right to decide who will lead the country the next 4 years. Don’t worry he heard an earful on the way to work this morning and I think it may have sunk in.

Need to find out if your registered to vote? Go to

As for my other 2 children both of them called last night knowing Dad stays up late working. My daughter called at 11:00 pm with the question “Dad, where do I vote tomorrow”?. She goes to SUNY Oswego and was making the trip back here to vote and then heading to Norwich where her boyfriend is registered to vote and then back to Oswego so I’m proud of the both her and Justin because it will take some effort with all the driving they will be doing to get out and vote but both are excited about it being their first time to be old enough to vote for the President. I did explain some of the part about absentee voting to her for the future elections…

At 11:30 pm the phone rings again with my youngest son asking “Dad, where do I vote tomorrow and how do I do it”? I told Chris where he votes and told him I will go with him when he is done with his classes at OCC. He also is excited about being able to vote for the first time in his life.

He was pretty sure that he registered to vote but had a little doubt that maybe he wasn’t. One of the good things about technology and the internet is that you can actually go online and look to see if you are registered and where your voting station is. I already took my 78 year old mother to vote and while I was there voting myself checked to see if he was registered and indeed he was so I’ll be heading back with him later to explain how it works.

If your not sure where you are suppose to vote or may be wondering if you are registered to vote I highly recommend you look it up at

This is for New York voters and all you have to do is type in your name, age, county, zip code and birth date and it will let you know if you are registered and what they have down for your polling station. Enough said and no matter your party or who you are voting for, just take the time and do it. Good Luck to all of us for a better 4 years ahead.

Happy Election Day All!!!