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It just dawned on me that I haven’t done a winter forecast prediction yet here at . Maybe I’ll get it up before the snow season is over. I suppose I could wait another couple months and really nail it down good huh? I’ll do the research and try and put it up later tonight :) Obviously with most of the cities above normal right now you may think I will go that way. Could be 😉

Also, I just updated the national snow stats. You can check them out here. A little bit of shifting around in the top 10 snowiest cities but not a whole lot. All of the GSB cities survived the top 10 but it’s definitely getting pretty close in that race also.

OK! Nothing to do about snow right now but I was just thinking about how much was on my work plate yesterday. My mind was going in a zillion directions and then I got an email from my sister, older sister, way older sister that had this video. The reason I’m making the point of wayyyyyyyyyy older sister is because she put me about 3 years ahead of the age I really am on my last birthday which was just before the holidays. In other words Pay Back is a :0)

Anyways, yesterday I would go to do this and end up doing something else and forgetting what I was suppose to do in the first place. The video pretty much sums it up. Can anyone else relate to it???

Da Cuse is in the Igloo, err house. Syracuse has finally for the first time this season taken the lead in the Golden Snowball contest. You know it’s a good snow race when Syracuse was near the bottom most of the season and at the bottom at one point. Can they hold on to the top spot til the finish. Nah! Not the way the season has been going so far. I expect several more lead changes :)

Buffalo isn’t even close to throwing in the shovel yet and I don’t think Rochester is either. Rochester was the big surprise with the weekend snowfall only posting about 6 1/2 inches but I’m sure they will be winning several rounds this season to keep it close. Even our neighbors to the South, Binghamton is still holding tough and post some snow just about every day now. I’m going to keep saying it! It’s going to be a great snow race for the 2009 – 2010 season.


5:30 PM New Snow Stats – Buffalo, Albany and Rochester’s latest stats have just been posted at NOAA and Buffalo is looking pretty good with a 2 day total so far of 14.3 inches. Rochester and Albany didn’t fair quite as good. At least not at the airports. Rochester is showing 2.6 for Sat & 3.5 so far today for a storm total of 6.1 inches. Albany shows just a couple of inches. Syracuse and Binghamton’s stats just came out as I am typing and it’s looking good for Syracuse with a 2 day storm total of 14.5 so far. Bingo is only reporting 1.4 inches.

Buffalo holds on to the King of the hill title and Syracuse jumps all the way up to second place while Binghamton who was in first place just yesterday drops all the way down to fourth. More to come because it’s still snowing and the question is can Buffalo hold off DaCuse?

2 Day Storm Totals as of about 5 PM Sunday and still counting:

Syracuse – 14.5
Buffalo – 14.3
Rochester – 6.1
Albany – 2.0
Binghamton – 1.4


Sunday 4:00 PM – Just went out and shoveled and if I were to do a guesstimate I would say about 15 inches so far since about midnight Saturday. Hopefully at least that at the airport. Probably about the same going on here today as Patrick from Rochester just posted in the comments. A steady light snow here in DaCuse. It keeps getting dark like it wants to fire up but then lightens up again. What’s it doing in your area and thanks for the updates everyone? Depending on what the other US cities are doing we may be able to get all 3 of our cities in the top 10. I’m holding off for now on the update until most of the snow stops falling for the Goldensnowglobe website.

Noon Sunday – Awesome says it all! The stats were just updated but keep in mind that they were from late last night (around 1:00 am) for Syracuse, Binghamton and Albany. The stats for Buffalo and Rochester were as of about 5 – 5:30 am this morning. Buffalo has retaken the lead once again but can they stay King come the next update later today?

I’m going to give Syracuse the advantage right now for the fact that I shoveled about 6 inches around 3:00 am this morning and I just measured another 6 inches. So I would say Syracuse has at least another 10 inches to add as of right now. Just remember I’m always wrong 😉 A good part of New York is still getting snow and should be for a good part of the day so hopefully we will have some decent numbers to post later on.

Have a great day all!

3:30 PM – Nothing in the Syracuse area but a few flakes. It does look like the snow up North is slowly trying to make it down to us though. Hopefully this won’t be a bust like it was earlier in the week :( Buffalo and Rochester look like they may be getting some decent snow. Any snow coming down where you live right now?

There has been a few lead changes the last several days which can only mean one thing. This is an exciting snow race this season 😉

Yesterday we had two king of the snow hills! Buffalo overtook Rochester as king of the hill at one point by 1 tenth of an inch. Binghamton wasn’t having any part of that though pushing Buffalo down the hill where they now sit in the middle of the hill planning their return to the top. Rochester sits at the #2 spot while the Syracusans are finally making up lost snow and are thinking maybe, just maybe they will be the King of the snow hill some time tomorrow. Rochester may throw a snowball or two into Syracuse’s plans though.

Snow is in the forecast for all of the GSB cities for today and tomorrow. After looking at some of the forecasts I’m thinking it’s either going to be The Rock or Da Cuse at the top come tomorrow night. Just remember it’s me thinking that and I’m normally wrong 😉 I’ll be trying to throw in a few extra snow stat updates as they roll in and get posted on NOAA and remember Snow Means Slow. Take it slow that is unless your on a sled of course :)

I’m also going to try and update the national snow contest today. It should be interesting to see where Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse stand nationally after this weekend is over. I know Michigan has been getting some good snow along with a couple other states.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

Here is something that my sister sent me and has been showing up in emails that I want to share with Ya’s.

My Wish for ALL of You in 2010

May peace break into your home and may thieves come to steal your debts.
May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills.
May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips!
May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy
May the problems you had, forget your home address!
In simple words …………

May 2010 be the best year of your life!!!

Have a Super, Happy. Prosperous and Healthy New Year All!