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It’s about time we had some kind of change in the lineup. From the looks of it Rochester overtook Buffalo on the snow hill and now are in the number 2 spot. Go Rock!!! I did notice a drop for Buffalo’s stats which could be either a mistake or an adjustment in the stats. Buffalo lost I think a tenth of an inch since I updated the stats at . Could be something new where NOAA takes away from the totals as the snow melts.

The good news is that as of the last reports from NOAA that would move Rochester up to second place in the national snow contest, Woooo Hoooo. Only by a couple of tenths of an inch though but Erie, Pa hasn’t updated since around midnight compared to a 7:30 update for Rochester. I’m really liking that both of the snow races are still really close this late in the season and I like even more that ALl 3 of the GSB cities are in contention for the 1st place king of the hill and king of the mountain :) More to come later!

Have a Super Day Everyone!