One comment on “The Almanacs are out!

  1. Lets hope the farmers almanac is right Steve :)

    This summer was kind of a weird one for sure. It started out nice with the temps I like around 70, then got hot with all the thunderstorms. I think 2 tornado warning my way with a few tornado watches to boot. This weekend might get interesting if today gets as hot as they say it’s suppose to with precip on the way.

    This is the first year in a long time I didn’t get a garden in and I think I am glad about it. Most of the people I talked to had the same problems as you did most likely caused by all that rain.

    As for my summer it was an abnormally busy summer. Part of it was spent trying to get the new New York internet tax repealed with no success yet although the NY senate did vote for a repeal but now it’s just sitting in the assembly doing nothing. I also made a trip to Boston for a summit in which a few of us tried to talk to merchants that we do business with that have dropped NY residents from their programs because of the new tax law.

    I’m going to be blogging about it in the next few days but a summary is that an estimated 10,000 new yorkers income has been effected by this new tax law, what they are calling the Amazon tax law. More to come about that.

    That said Boston was beautiful and a lot of fun. It was fun hanging with the rich and famous even if it was just a dream for a few days before reality set back in 😉

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