14 comments on “Let The 2009 – 2010 Snow Games Begin

  1. Can anyone tell me how much snow has fallen in the last two days (since Wednesday)? I'm not originally from Upstate NY, and this is only my third winter here, but it sure seems like the last few days have been "above average"… LOL

  2. Hey TQ,

    I'm going to try and get the old forum from a couple of years ago open by the end of this week.

    If you want me to plug your great contest just send me an email at comments (at sign) goldensnowball.com and I'll drop it in a post on the main section.

  3. When will the Forum be open?

    While trying to login just now and the other day or two ago….

    ERR-OR: forum is getting all maintainified…try again later.

  4. PSUSyr5, thanks for the suggestion on the board. I'll take a look at it. I might just stick with the first msg board we had like ZR mentioned. That is if I left it standing :) I think I just closed and locked it up for a couple of seasons and it shouldn't be too hard to open it back up for the winter.

    Anon, the first snow report that came out on Binghamton was only .2 inches which was enough to start the season off. By the time the next day rolled around they received a total of 2 inches.

  5. Why do you claim Binghampton had .2" of snow in your report yet your chart indicates 2" ?.

  6. good to see some stats on the board! Not quite ready with the sleds, in fact, still have one boat in the water. I fully support going back to the old forum!

  7. Yeah, I used a different word when I first saw that, but I figured I'd keep the comment PG rated. 😉

    If you're looking for different board software, you might be interested in Zetaboards.

    They're what ITC uses, and honestly, they are my favorite service. Though, having 3 different boards in the past year probably wouldn't be so good.

  8. Oh Yeah, Go Syracuse :)

    Jill, it would be interesting to see the chickens on cam. Having a garage is good but the only downfall is there's more driveway to shovel :(

    Tom, right now I'm thinking this winter is really going to depend on the temps. I do think the precip will be there for perhaps a record snowfall season. JMO!

    Welcome back PSUSyr5. Ummm, I think I used a different word than Wow when I just took a look at the forum and seen what happened. I'll start cleaning it up :( I think the YABB forum is history. Might go back to the old one.

  9. Wow, the forum got absolutely spammed since we've been away.

    I still need to get snow tires…I should probably do that within the next few weeks.

    I agree with Tom, I'm not looking forward to this winter at all.

  10. I wish I had a garage :(

    I went down to Allegany State Park this weekend and threw my first snowballs of the season :)

    It makes me happy to hear that you've been visiting my blog – I hope I didn't bore you at all 😛

    I can't wait to see how the new chickens react to their first snow – my old ones liked the snow, but they had totally different personalities… stayed tuned!

  11. Jill, as always it's great to here from you :) I still check out your site and see that the chickens are doing good. I love the picture of them with the deer. Too bad the rabbit couldn't be squeezed in also.

    I'm wayyy behind on getting ready for the snow season. The biggest thing will be getting the garage cleaned so I can park the car in there again this year. Last year was the first time doing it and it was nice jumping in a car that was somewhat warmer than if sitting outside not to mention not having to clean it off 😉

  12. I can't believe we are getting snow out this way *already*! But I'm all set – both my snow blower and generator have been tested and have full tanks of gas :)

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