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It has been a quiet start to 2011, but those in the GSB areas know that can change pretty quickly. Rochester and Syracuse broke December records, so this month’s focus will be on the other three cities: Albany, Binghamton and Buffalo, which also happen to hold the bottom three spots in the current standings.

Buffalo (33.6 inches) and Binghamton (33.2 inches) are just shy of the three foot mark, while Albany (13 inches) is just above one foot, for the season. I am expecting January to provide a bit more snowfall for each city.

Bull’s Eye: Albany, Binghamton and Buffalo will at least double their current snowfall totals by month’s end.
On Target: 2 of the three double their current snowfall totals.
Complete Miss: 1 or fewer double their current snowfall totals.

In other words, if Buffalo gets 33.6 inches, Binghamton gets 33.2 inches and Albany gets 13 inches in January, that will be a Bull’s Eye. Two of them getting the respective threshold will be On Target while 1 or fewer will be a Complete Miss.

Be sure to check out to see the GSG forecast.

So much for getting the forecasts up by New Year’s. Basically, Shot In the Dark forecasts are a gut reaction, with little to no research involved in the outlook. The seasonal forecast is perhaps the biggest gut reaction of them all, as they involve results about three months away from now.

This time, the Golden Snowball SITD focuses on the standings when the contest is called, usually at the end of April. Syracuse has a big lead, and I’m not sure if another city will be able to catch Syracuse. On the flip side, I have no reason to believe Albany will be anywhere but 5th. The real race seems to be for 2nd, 3rd and 4th. I see Rochester taking 2nd and Binghamton being 3rd.

Bull’s Eye: The standings at the end of April will be Syracuse, Rochester, Binghamton, Buffalo and Albany.
On Target: Three are in the forecast spots.
Complete Miss: Two or fewer are in the forecast spots.

Check the Golden Snow Globe site to see the GSG 2011 Winter Forecast.