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It’s hard to believe but so far this season with the exception of Syracuse, most of us have less snow than we did last year at this time.  Good news for you snow haters but not so good news for the sledders and skiers.  I know Syracuse is close to setting a record for the longest days without at least an inch falling at one time.  I’ll have to look up and see how it’s going and what the records are for the other cities that haven’t seen an inch in a one day period so far this season..

It’s also hard to believe that Syracuse is the only city that has more than the last for the fact that they still haven’t had a day this season with at least an inch of snow and obviously neither has Rochester or Albany.  Rochester managed to slip out of the basement by the way picking up another tenth of snow since the last update 😉

I’m sure you all remember how lame the snow totals were last season with Rochester winning the Golden Snowball trophy with just 59.9 inches of snow.  Could this season be better?  That is depending on what you consider better of course?  Does better mean less snow or more snow?  For me it’s more snow and I’m hoping that things change pretty fast to get all of us back to our normal snowfall totals.  Here is how last season ended;

Rochester – 59.9
Syracuse – 50.6
Binghamton – 43.5
Buffalo – 36.7
Albany – 23.3

Have a Great weekend everyone :)

I was just looking at the snow stats and all of the cities are below their normal snowfall averages for this time of year.  Could this be another season like the 2011 – 2012 snow season?  Could be but I don’t think it’s going to be.

I haven’t looked at last season but it seems to be colder more days than it was the last.  Plus right now with the exception of Albany all of our snow totals are over last season.  Not by a lot but we’re off to a slightly better start this season and it’s so early into the snow season.  Below is the difference from what the average snow totals should be for this time of year.

Albany is  -4 inches
Binghamton is -4.9
Buffalo is -10.2
Rochester is -10
Syracuse is -12.5

Let’s wait, hope and see if we can catch up to those stats some time in the near future :)  Have a Great weekend ev

OK, it’s a tie for last place but seeing how I get to list the cities I thought the snow chart looked better with The Rock at the bottom.  No, I’m not still upset that they stole, errr I mean won the trophy from Syracuse last season.  Alright, maybe just a little bit still but hey I just went alphabetically :p  Heh, Heh!

Keep an eye on Binghamton because they seem to be sneaking a little bit of snow in every time I do an update.  Kind of like how SU’s Triche has been doing this season with the points and how about Southerland on that 3 point run tying the Syracuse record with 9 3 pointers.  Anyways, I’ll need to pay more attention to my face book pals the national weather service when they post something.  Nothing has changed besides Rochester being in dead last right now :) :)  Oh yeah, I already said that huh.  I’m just trying to draw out ZR and a few of our other buddies who visit the site from Rochester.

It’s looking like a couple of warm days ahead but I’m sure they won’t last too long before we get back to the temps we should be getting.  Enjoy them while we can.

Have an Awesome Week All!  GO SYRACUSE ORANGE!!!