6 comments on “Last Years Snow Champions in Last Place

  1. Hey, are you going to get the golden snow globe contest going this year? Its fun to see how Cuse stacks up against the rest of the nation, even if Anchorage did bogart all the snow last year.

    • I’m hoping to get some snow stats up today on the national snow contest site :) If not I will before the weekend is over. I’m pretty anxious to see how all of the cities are doing too :)

  2. Hi Defense, the trash talking is all in fun, believe me. I was happy to see Rochester win last season because the contest was starting to get a little boring 😉 I’m thinking this season could turn into a 4 way race not counting Albany. I hope it does and goes right down to the end of the season. What surprised me last season was that The Rock was able to hold the lead the lsat month or two for so long.

    Now we have to figure a way to get the trophy to Rochester. Here is an article about it from a couple of weeks ago.

  3. Hi there from Rochester. I’m looking at the charts and reading all of your trash talking. I think it’s worth pointing out that last year at this time Rochester was in last place as well, and we all know how that turned out! You do remember, don’t you?

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