6 comments on “A Three Way Tie in Snow Contest

  1. As usual nothing at the airport. Just 3-4 miles south saw a spotter report of 51 inches. Central Erie county is totally paralyzed. Hundreds of people stranded cars abandoned everywhere. Worst Buffalo storm since 77.

    • Yeah, this isn’t good General and as Angelo just posted once this next round comes by and drops a lot more snow and then a warm up to make the snow heavier I think there are going to be even more problems :( How is it where you live?

  2. Over 48 inches in the subursuburb of lancaster. It’s about 3 miles southeast of the airport where they measure. Only 18 inches or so there.

    • Hi Angelo and Wow to the 48 inches. Is Lancaster one of the places I was reading about that may get 70 inches or more? That 48 inches is more than a blizzard or nor’easter drops. Stay safe, that’s a ton of snow to deal with and Thanks for the update..

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