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  1. Just curious, wondering what are the dates of the beginning/end of the snow measuring season. Looked around, but didn’t see it on the website.

    Also, how about getting the local TV weathermen to mention the stats in the various cities once in a while? They never mention it.

    Nice site, keep it up,


    • Hi Jim, I normally start updating the stats on the site as soon as one of the city gets some snow. I believe that The National Weather Service has the snow season from July 1st until June 30th. In other words I think that they will report any snow that falls between that period. I did have a meeting with a city official years back to try and set some rules. I forget what the start date was but he wanted the end date to be April 1st and I wouldn’t agree to that. Too soon in our area as I’m sure you know. To me the season should go until the last snowflake falls. I did agree to May 1st :( but last season was a good example why that date is even iffy. Last season it was just a couple of inches separating Syracuse and Buffalo on May 1st. I did call the contest then buttttttt if Buffalo did go past Syracuse you can bet I would have called the Mayors office asking for an extension on that date and I know she would have agreed. To me it comes down to which ever city gets the most snow during the FULL season wins.. Hope that answers your question and Thanks for he compliment 😉

  2. Probably should update the “About the contest” text to reflect Rochester’s victory in 2011-2012. Syracuse’s long reign was broken. But looks like they’re back in the winner’s circle this season.

    • I’ll try to get to it in the next few days Owen. I have a few other things that need to be updated also. Thanks for pointing it out :)

  3. I’m relatively new to Upstate (2007), but have been following the contest closely for the last 3 seasons. My question is: Why not expand the contest to include other cities such as Utica,Glens Falls, or Plattsburgh. In my line of thinking this would show the entire geographical area’s snowfall in comparrison? Just curious. Thanks

    • Hi Ashton, several years back I was getting a lot of msgs from people in Utica about adding them to the contest. I was talking with one of the TV stations there about perhaps them measuring and maybe even getting crtified or whatever it is you need to do by the National Weather service. It never happened though.

      The problem is, is that none of the other cities have official national weather stats or stations to measure the snow like the current 5 that are in the contest do.

  4. I am pretty sure it is measured at the airport. That’s where it is measured for Rochester. I live on the eastside of town in Wayne County. We have gotten 64.5 inches of snow here.

  5. has rochester ever won the contest? if so, when? how many times has each of the cities won, approximately?

    • Bridget,

      There was a short period when the contest wasn’t going on sometime around the mid/late 90’s. Leaving that out of the picture and going back a lot of years Rochester would have won the contest several times. Here is a page that has the snow state going back quite to the 40’s. Keep in mind that Syracuse and Binghamton’s stats started in the 50’s… http://www.goldensnowball.com/yearly-winners-golden-award.htm

  6. Where exactly is Syracuse’s snowfall total measured? I live on the northside and have seen nowheres near 37″ of snow this year.

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