4 comments on “And It’s Buffalo by a Couple of Snowflakes for 2nd

  1. Anon, I’m kind of mixed with the global warming and really haven’t read enough to make an educated statement about it but I hear what where you are coming from. The heat this winter is starting to get to me also. Unfortunately the only heat I read about is attached to the heating bill.

    That said as I was looking for some stats and I came across an article about last year having tied the 8th warmest global year on record.


  2. Cynthia, thanks for the updates on Madison and keep them coming. I like the point your making about getting use to the snow now with them hauling it away to be stored.

    I just got an email today from a niece in the south and said how the people were almost in a panic with a few inches coming down. I guess living in Syracuse all my life it’s really something we don’t even think about when having to deal with it unless it’s a truly awesome storm which IMO doesn’t happen enough. I hope it keeps coming for all of you in Madison that is unless your not too fond of snow of course. Thanks again and keep us updated as to how it’s going there.

  3. im getting pretty sick of this “global warming/climate change”. ya know with all this warming everywhere else in the world especially in cities like( seattle, portland, spokane, madison, chicago)CNY has basically been baking this winter too, its just too darn hot outside; although i did notice that even with all these “warm” temps and “limited” snowfall the susquehanna river @ binghamton was “somehow” frozen over solid? well heres to a continuation of these “warm” temps and “limited” snowfall here in CNY(lets go for some season records!!)

  4. Here’s a quick update on Madison, Wisconsin- looks like we’re going to have another “Syracuse winter”! So far this season we’ve had 55+ inches of snow – which would very handily put us in 4th place for the GSC! I know they’re getting used to it around here – this morning on my way to work I was behind a dump truck loaded with snow being taken out of downtown to be “stored”. In the past they’ve just waited for it to melt!

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