3 comments on “Buffalo Breaks An Over 100 Year Old No Snow Record

  1. What is Buffalo’s least snowiest season total ? This 2015-16 just might break that one as well…

    • If what I found is right Rick it will be quite an accomplishment. The NWS shows that in the 1918 – 1919 season Buffalo only received 25.0 inches of snow :) I’m not sure where they measured back then though. Just a few storms and you can pass that. Then again, the way this season is going who knows..

      • Thank you for responding with the data. This truly is an astonishingly lackluster snow season, especially when Chicago is beating you with 12.4″ (and nearby northern suburbs with 20″+) so far! I was expecting yesterday’s “plume” to migrate further north, but it just didn’t happen! Sorry!

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