7 comments on “Buffalo is King for a Quiet January Snowfall so Far

  1. Sucks cause I live in a suburb of Buffalo(Depew) and we easily have had over 120 inches of snow this year so far. The Buffalo airport literally is one of the LEAST snowiest places in the area, so this generally is not that accurate as how things are for surrounding areas. We got 4 feet of snow in 2 days in early December and followed that up with another 14 inches or so 2 days later…both thanks to Lake Erie. Can we be put on the Golden Snowball? We easily get 20-30 or more inches of snow more than the "official" totals

  2. Patrick the openID account is similar to the google log in only your able to use it on more sites than google. Still all in all signing in and out is a pain but necessary I guess.

  3. Where is each total measured? At the airport? In the middle of the city? In my backyard?

  4. Anon, I couldn't have said it any better. REALLY :) What lake you thinking, Erie?

    ZR, I'm impressed that the Rock is hanging with us and also near the top of the national contest. If it wasn't for that fast 70 inches I wonder if Rochester wouldn't be in the lead right now.

    Necromancer7701, I'll throw some stats up tomorrow for what the city monthly totals are so far and take it from there. Albany I think has made out the best this time :)

    Did the openID work and what is it? I just noticed the icons.

  5. Testing to see if this openID will work here.How about how much snow has fallen since the 9th. of Jan??

  6. Good morning, we had a very snowy day here in ROC and picked up around 10+ inches depending on the area. I think the airport got around 10.

  7. What's with the vodka type cold on the long range gfs and euro model,man the lake will sure freeze if that verifies! on a positive note PNA is forecasted to go positive and the MJO goes toward phase 8/1 and that means MORE SYPNOTIC SNOW FOR US! WITH BELOW AVG TEMPS 😀

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