4 comments on “Buffalo Is Now Winning the Snowball Fight

  1. If you want to use OP which is miles from the city to count it’s 22 inches you could more easily justify using Tonwanda which is actually adjacent to the City limits and only received 4 inches

    • My point was that the airport does not accurately reflect the lake effect snow with hits both the northtowns and southtowns more heavily than it does the airport Yes I know where Tonawanda is located. Your could also use Amherst, Lakawana, Hamburg, Seneca, etc to get a more “reflective” total. You could also say the same about Rochester’s airport which is outside the path of most lake effect snows. I think only Syracuse’s airport is located directly in the path of one of the lake effect snow belts. Just saying !

      • The airport is as accurate a reflection of the Buffalo areas snowfall as is OP. In fact if you were to base it on population the area that should be used would be in the North Buffalo, Tonawanda, Amherst area as that is where the bulk of the metro’s population lives. that area and Niagara County contain about 2/3 of the metro’s population and also averages about 40 inches less snow per year than does Orchard Park. To be fair the snow should be measured at a location within the actual city limits of the cities in thederby, perhaps at the City Hall of each city

  2. Actually Orchard Park, one of the “southtowns” got 22 inches of snow according to WNYT in Albany. Measuring at the Buffalo airport which is generally outside of all the lake effect snow belts causes Buffalo to come up short in the tally.

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