4 comments on “Can Buffalo Snow Past Syracuse For a Late Upset

    • Sorry for the late response Frank and I could have sworn I added that to the totals :( took some time off to work on some other sites. Syracuse only picked up 3 tenths of an inch looking back. Buffalo is still hanging in there.

  1. Speaking as a SUNY Buffalo alum, shouldn’t Buffalo get some cred and bonus pts for being up 50+ inches over the last yr’s total?

    Has the annual percent increase or decrease of annual snowfall, ever been considered as a portion of the criterion when selecting the winner?

    • Not a chance SUNY. Buffalo is doing awesome this season compared to the last few snow seasons. But giving Buffalo credit would be like awarding them for having a Florida snow season last season. I still think Buffalo has a shot at winning this season with the cold air still around us :)

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