girls clothing

OK, ya know I have to try and get some plugs to some of my shopping sites before the snow really starts to fall. We have a few sites that have been updated and one is geared toward apparel and clothing for teens. Both boys and girls clothing. We listed several of what we feel are the top clothing stores for teens at . Trendy and fashionable shirts and tops, pants, jeans, dresses, shoes and all other apparel.

Another site which includes a lot of toy stores including Walmart is . I think at last check we have 10’s of thousand of toys and games there and for the best results use the search at the top of the site.

One of my favorite sites that we are still working on is which is college merchandise. Last I checked we have around 80,000 college products which include some great sweatshirts, t-shirts, jerseys and other sports apparel for almost every college team around. College logo T-shirts and sweatshirts with my favorite logo are definitely one of my favorite Christmas gifts :) Of course in my case it would be Syracuse sweatshirts and t-shirts.