Golden Snowball in the News

I’m not sure how many time Albany has led the Golden Snowball contest since starting the site almost 10 years ago.  It would seem like this is probably the longest they have held on to the lead though.  Go Albany!!!  I just updated the snow stats and nothing new for any of the GSB cities other than the average snowfall totals.

Today is the first time I saw it snow this season and it only lasted about 10 minutes :(.  It could get interesting though with this little cold spell that will be around for a day or two.  I don’t think Buffalo, Syracuse or Rochester can overtake the snow hill but maybe Binghamton will give it a shot 😉

On a cool note I always think it’s cool when our snow contest gets a mention in the press whether big or small.  I was looking around and saw a mention and link to the golden snowball site from the Weather Journal blog at The Wall Street Journal.  Pretty cool IMO and thanks Eric Holthaus for the mention 😉 

Snow, Snow, Snow and a Ho, Ho, Ho!  If you’re looking for the place that Santa Claus gets his Santa suits from I’m pretty sure it’s at .  Yeah another shameless plug to one of my Christmas sites.  Hey, have a super Friday all 😉