syrsacuse snowfall

Syracuse is finally on the snow hill for the 2011 – 2012 winter season.  NOAA is showing 6 tenths of an inch for Da Cuse which is just enough to put them into 3rd place.  It’s an early start compared to last season for Syracuse and they have doubled the snow amount that they started off the season last year.

Yesterday they picked up .6 inches of snow compared to last season when they picked up .3 inches of snow exactly one year from today.  So does that mean that Syracuse will be doubling last seasons snow totals?  If I were a Syracusan, Oh yeah I am, I would hope not :)  250 something inches is a little (a lot) too much for even myself.  Now it’s Buffalo’s turn.

Buffalo is the only Golden Snowball city  left to post some measuable snowfall.  I’m sure it won’t be too long from now and Buffalo always likes to start up their snowy season with a grand entrance.  I’m hoping that they do :)  I’m also hoping that this season all of the snow in the Buffalo area falls right at the airport.  It’s looking like it’s going to be a fun snow contest this season.  It already is just by having Albany in the lead.

Have an Awesome Weekend All and check out the new Christmas Inflatables and Snow Globes out at one of our new sites.!

Taking a peak at the radar tonight before I hit the sack it looks like snow is getting reading to move into s few of the Golden Snowball cities so you might want to set the alarms a little earlier than normal. Most likely the roads may be a bit sloppy come the morning rush hour and as always it will be interesting to see which city makes out on this little blast of snow. More to come tomorrow including some new snow totals.