3 comments on “Congrats to the Syracuse Orange Women’s Basketball Team

  1. General, I filled out another bracket some place else and I’ll tell ya one thing. I think this years NCAA tourney is a tough one to pick so I think your not the only one picking blind.

    ZR, a good chance the snow might have come from Buffalo’s way. They show .7 inches for yesterday and are only half an inch away from the Rock now :)

  2. anyone get any snow last night? We did not in the ROC, but I saw one car on the expressway this morning with a couple inches on it.

  3. got my picks in! always a fun time of year, had 3 different brackets from various groups emailed to me this afternoon. not knowing a dang thing about ncaa teams i am a blind pick um player. of course sometimes you have better luck doing that.

    weather wise… not much.. boring spring days…

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