3 comments on “Free Snow Plowing Advertising for up North

  1. I think we should get all of the students here at Old State out into the fields near the stadium to make 42,000 snow angels. 😛 If we can get some faculty and staff, too, that’d boost it by another couple of thousand at least.

  2. I saw that on Fox news a little while ago Jill. Kind of depressing to see that big of a record set but pretty awesome none the less. It will be interesting to see what Syracuse’s next move is for the new record. I’m wondering if there is enough space close to the Carrier dome. Getting the fans after as SU game on a weekend would be worth a try.

    Wow to still cleaning up after the October storm. Their doing a good job around here considering we got hit with another foot or so right after the V-Day storm. The snowbanks have settled quite a bit the last day or so which makes it easier to see out of the driveways.

    I figure some of the plow drivers up North might be able to handle some more driveways if people can’t find any around them. Hopefully some will take us up on the offer and who ever is coming to that site looking for some help can hook up.

    PS – some taunting pictures coming soon as DaCuse just went over the 100 inch mark. The way this winter started, no way would I have thought that any of the cities would be where they are this soon. I good blast of snow is hitting us right now as I type :(

  3. I don’t know if you saw this or not, but it looks like we have a new snow angel record – North Dakota beat the heck out of Michigan’s record!


    If Syracuse wants to beat that record, they definitely have their work cut out for them…

    Good idea to advertise for plow drivers… I sure hope that everything gets under control up North soon. Believe it or not, I still see cleanup truck driving around here – *still* cleaning up from our October Surprise!

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