2 comments on “I Think It’s Time for a NO Snow Dance

  1. I'll bet that if you were to check just 5 miles south of the buffalo airport the totals would be well above 150 inches in say west Seneca. Even further south over 200 inches! My Dad lives in South buffalo in 1 storm in December the buffalo airport recorded 6 inches where south buffalo reports of 44 inches in just 12 hours lol

  2. I've been kind of curious about one thing, and that's the "Normal Average
    to Date" column vs. "Normal Seasons Average."

    At this point, everybody's normal average seems to be within an inch or so of their normal season's average, which sounds about right. Except for Syracuse, that is.

    It would appear that we average almost 10" of snow from here on out. Now, I've been around here long enough that it wouldn't exactly surprise me to see a foot of snow on Easter Sunday (or Mother's Day, for that matter), but it doesn't seem as though we routinely average 10" in the last week or two of April.

    But if that's the case, then we still have a shot at a record. Please, tell me it aint so!

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