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  1. General, Buffalo came in with over a foot so far. My guess is that the airports may be having a tough time measuring because of the wind. I just looked to see what Syracuse was showing for the day and I was shocked to see only 6.7 inches of snow at the airport. I think it has stopped snowing here for maybe an hour and a half to two hours. The rest of the time it has been pretty heavy snowfall along with the winds. Best I have seen in a couple years at least no matter what the totals are showing. Probably the same as Buffalo yesterday. OH Well is pretty much all I can say. I think both cities got ripped off this time around.

    Buffalo2wheeler, No doubt some of the cities around the Buffalo area such as Jamestown and Olean would put us all to shame. The same would apply to the cities just to the north of Syracuse like Oswego and Fulton. Every now and then some stats come out from snow spotters and the numbers are usually right up there with the tug hill area.

    Cynthia, I was just a little kid but I also remember the blizzard of 66. How much fun it was but also how scary it was to a 5 or 6 year old when the snow was over my head. Here is a home movie of the blizzard of 66 8mm film. http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=5PSZLTWOh58

    As for Madison I did blog about how much snow you were getting last season and actually read about the record snowfall probably just a few weeks ago. I think at one point last year you were ahead of all the Golden Snowball cities. I was keeping an eye on Madison for most of the end of the season and even looked up the stats this season to see if you ended up beating Syracuse. Just short but it had to be an awesome winter for the snow lovers there. Keep us up to date if your in the running to knock one of us off and I’ll definitely blog about Madison again 😉

    Sunny-Charlottean, I don’t know where to begin with your post. I did try the south and lasted about 2 months before I was home sick for good Ole Central New York. Some people like the heat and some don’t. I’m one who likes it about 60 – 65 and sunny. Anything over that is too hot for me. As for the cold there is nothing like the brisk fresh although frozen feel of a 15 degree day. OK, maybe not a whole lot of them but it is nice feeling them once in awhile. As for the snow, if you could see it out now, with probably close to a couple feet of new snow and how beautiful it is outside I think you would miss it just a little bit. Maybe not! I read a family website and it seems that a lot of them have moved to the south and try to rub in how warm the weather is. Ummm, are you a Diello by chance :) One thing I do agree with you about is the misconception about Buffalo being the snowiest big city in New York. I make it a point to ask people when talking about the snow which city do they think on average gets more snow and 90 percent of the time the answer is BUFFALO. Don’t worry, I set them straight pretty fast although I don’t think half of them believe me. One thing I will give Buffalo credit for though and they deserve it is they are known for some kick butt storms when they do get them.

  2. I grew up in Syracuse (and survived the “blizzard of 66″) and now live in Madison WI- these people don’t have a clue what REAL snow is – but they’re learning!!! Last winter we got just over 100 inches of snow (breaking the previous all time record of 70 inches – around 40 inches is the norm) and so far we’ve got just shy of 35 with up to 13 more on the way before Christmas. The most fun is watching them try to plow with those little blades…

    How about adding Madison as a non-conference rival?

  3. It would be interesting to track the snowfall in suburban and rural locations, too, because the lake-effect snow tends to concentrate in fairly specific locations. For example, the suburbs south of Buffalo seem to get more snow than the city itself.

  4. well Buffalo should be just behind Syracuse at the morning update. the nws here really should have posted blizzard warnings, the conditions are HORRIBLE. Honestly I can’t even measure the snow with the drifting but we are somewhere in the 15-24 inch range here. Will update tomorrow!

  5. You folks are hilarious…………………
    After living in Syracuse for 38 years…………………..and now living in Charlotte for our 5th (BEAUTIFUL weather almost always, btw) ……………… my wife and I can say…………YOU CAN HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The so-called “white gold” that is……………

    We moved away from upstate NY for this very reason………………….THE WEATHER IS AWFUL.
    I loved the snow as a kid…………….but it is just too darned long a winter………..and most of all……….THE SUN NEVER SHINES!!!!!!!!!

    But I do keep track of the snowfall so I can rub those noses in it who still live there for some reason and hate it.

    Oh, and BTW Buffalo………………………FORGET IT.
    Syracuse ALWAYS wins. How many years does Syracuse have to beat Buffalo to make people realize they never get nearly as much snow as the Salt City.
    Funny too…………..because talking to Buffalonians you’d SWEAR they get much more every year.
    Heck…………you don’t even beat Rochester!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy the snow……………..for your sanity’s sake.


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