5 comments on “It’s Snowing in Syracuse as The Clock Winds Down

  1. I don’t think April 30th snow has happened that much, but I do remember the Mother’s Day snowstorm we had…has to be about 10 years ago now. I remember it because my older sister was in Phoenix Arizona at the time, and because of that, she was the last person my mom wanted to talk to that day. Right when my sister called, my mom saw a snow plow. Ouch.

  2. I’m SOOO po’ed with you removing my post patrick! Words can’t describe it…

    Ya right, lol, my frustration is all focused on Buffalo falling to the almighty cuse AGAIN! If things don’t change next year with the winners I’m going to declare shanigans on the snow gods!

    Ahh another fun year… I’ll have some sort of insightful commentary comming soon, maybe a weekly blog sitcom to keep everyone entertained over these “BORING” summer months.

    BTW- Pat check your email, sent you a quick note!

    Cheers Everyone!

  3. Ha, Ha ZR, you made my eyes light up for a second or two. Come on man there is still another 9 hours left. The General conceded last night but I took his post out for now. I Hope he isn’t mad at me.

    I haven’t even checked the stats the last couple of days. I sure hope there hasn’t been any adjustments made to any of the totals.

    Yeah Sre, I hear ya 😉 I kind of like the fact that the contest is going out on a day that there was at least a trace of snow. Pretty unusual even for our area though to have some snow on April 30th. I’ll have to check the stats and see how often it has happened.

    ZR, Erie along with several other big cities kicked all of our butts this year. The snow totals were kind of disappointing IMO. Erie is showing 118.7 inches on the season.

  4. We have about 2″ on the ground in Rochester.

    Nah, just kidding. Snowed for 5 minutes.

    I (being the self proclaimed spokesperson for Rochester by seemingly lack of interest & posts by others) concede the victory to Syracuse(by the Merriam-Webster 2b definition “to acknowledge grudgingly or hesitantly”)! :)

    :) Congratulations, AGAIN!

  5. Well, it just wouldn’t be a true upstate NY end of April if there wasn’t some snow now would it?

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