4 comments on “Let The Golden Snowball Games Begin

  1. Keep laughing it up Pat. This time next week your gonna be blogging about Buffalo taking an impassable lead. Heard a report on the news of a drunken Irishman doing an odd dance through South Buffalo signing Let It Snow. I cannot confirm this report… But I am also not denying it! :)

  2. Buffalo is gonna take it this year! I just have a feeling this is gonna be a record year and we might see that 200 inch mark eclipsed! All this polar vortex talk.. How can you not be thinking that! Looks like ROC and the cuse might cash in later this week with some lake effect… But a local source who is usually spot on is hinting at a good shot for Buffalo setting up next weekend. Get the shovels ready and make sure to get the emergency travel kit shored up! I think were gonna be in for a tough one this year!

    • Ok, let’s bring you back to reality instead of wishful thinking General 😛 Joking and I REALLY thought last season Buffalo was going to slide ahead at the end. I am also thinking that it is going to be a pretty snowy season. We will definitely need some coastal storms I think though to hit that 200 inch mark. Good Luck to Buffalo :)

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