4 comments on “More Snow for New York – Winter Storm Coming?

  1. sabresfan, I don’t blame you about not wanting to go out and take a chance. I’m in the same spot :( My mother (78) has a Dr’s. appointment at 1:00 that should be kept but I don’t want to take a risk with her in the car.

    Hopefully all will work out OK and the kids will get home before the heavy stuff starts unless it has already started where you are. Good luck with the soon to be new baby BTW. Big sister must be excited :)

    PS – Sorry about the edit but I didn’t understand it and PLEASE let me know if there is a link here leading to what you mnetioned.

  2. Hey patrick! I hear you there…schools should close! I’m thinking about getting my kid when I go to read for her class.. Thing is I’m 8 months pregnant and I dont need to get into any fender-benders or slip and fall.. I’d just assume to stay home. But If they make me go out, I will bring her home with me.

    Anyways, happy storm tracking to you.

  3. Anon, I can’t even imagine how strange it must seem to see all that snow for people not use to it not to mention how awesome it must look 😉 Maybe Rochester will manage to slide into first with the storm coming our way early tomorrow :)

  4. As an ex-Rochester resident who now resides in the Southern California high desert, I’ve missed the snow. BUT, we just had a once-in-20-year storm and have 13 inches of the white fluffy stuff on the ground. :) The desert is beautiful with a blanket of snow.

    Anyway, go Rochester!

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