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  1. Ahhhh, that’s a lot better than a Syracusan wishing for no snow. I’ve been licky to meet a lot of good people from Buffalo doing this including a few great people in the GSB forum. I’m thinking this could be Buffalo’s year and I’ll probably make a prediction in the next week or so. I’m also thinking Buffao needs about a 3 foot lead by the beginning of January to hold the rest of us off. But then again the way the temps have been the lake might not freeze over this season which will give yoou a good shot at dethrowning the champs.

    Have a Great Christmas also Jill!

  2. Definitely a Buffalonian hoping to win 😛

    Great pictures of the trophy in your new entry…

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Jill, does rooting for Buffalo mean that your a Syracusan and don’t want snow? Or a Buffalo resident hoping to win the contest. It could go either way ; ) and thanks again.

  4. My theory is that because the time that winter starts is so late in the day, calendars opted to mark the 22nd as the first *full* day of winter. Just my theory tho’ ~shrug~

    I love your site and I’m rooting for Buffalo all the way!

  5. Jill, thanks for the info and link. The Farmers Almanac never lies. I was looking on a couple of paper calendars that had winter falling on the 22nd. Then I checked a couple of sites that had conflicting dates.

    I went to wikipedia and saw they also had it down for the 22nd. I just went back and read it and what they have listed is the UTC dates and times which must be the reason for the discrepancies.

    More at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solstice

    Even more at


    Thanks again Jill 😉

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