3 comments on “Rochester Goes Over Their Total Seasonal Snowfall

  1. Lol Rock, Bring It On 😉 It would be nice if the Rock could at least close the gap a bit though! Ya need to do a snow dance to get things moving :)

    Hey ZR, yeah the lead is starting to get a little out of reach. I think another 4-9 is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Haow about Rochester? That 200 inch mark can still happen of course a kick butt storm would make it a little easier. Always nice hearing from you BTW 😉

  2. Hey Pat, just checking in from the ROC. Its been a great winter with extended snow cover here. I love it. Syracuse numbers are surely impressive and best of luck hitting the 200" mark. It would take some crazy weather to have any other city challenge your current 1st place position. I guess its possible, but pretty unlikely. Hats off!

  3. Hi, what do you mean that Rochester "slipped" into 2nd place in the national contest. We SURGED into second place and we're setting our eyes on your guys in Syracuse now!

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