6 comments on “Rochester’s Making a Move and The Snow Dance

  1. patrick….its more like lets hope it is( shifted east) lol. right now it moves right up the appalachins mtns and basically right over Bingo, this would bring a snow to mix to rain to snow showers scenario to all the CNY cities except maybe buffalo who would be mostly snow. so lets hope for a 100 mile shift east so we can all stay all snow( except maybe Albany, they can stay all rain 😉 jk lol

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that I’ve been hearing the same thing about a potential snow event for Friday. WeatherT from the forum mentioned it a few days ago. Hopefully this one will come inland more :) I don’t know what the latest models are showing but as of a few days ago it was west enough to bring something our way. Of course like the others, thats probably changed by now and is putting it more to the east. Lets hope not.

  3. Mike, I’m glad someone from Binghamton is going to do a snow dance. Your thinking to small though just thinking about Albany. Go for the the Gold man, the Golden Snowball trophy that is 😉

    The view is amazing and I’m kind of jealous that I’ll never see a big band of snow coming in like you will once you get there. The meteorology dept roof during LES events has to be awesome. Just make sure you bring a windbreaker with you when you start there and ya might wanna put on some weight because I’ve heard more than once the winds do knock you over on the campus.

  4. few tenths of an inch of snow down here today. potential big storm friday,im in on the snow dance here in bingo as well(for that friday storm); but i can only promise that after i do my snow dance bingo will not, i repeat will not end up in last place for the year!!! patrick, in the previous post u were saying how your daughter will be able to see the LES coming right at her on the the top floor, well that is so true, i cant wait to get up there next year, you can literally see 10-15 miles offshore so ill be able to see those dark convective clouds coming at me, and if i have good timing ill be able to see a wall of white coming at me. also i heard that if your majoring in meteorology(which i am) they let you camp out on the meteorology dept roof during LES events, that is going to be sweet lol

  5. lmao to a broadway musical General :) I was hoping that some pictures would be floating around. Better yet a video 😉

  6. A destoryer… hmmm never thought of that. lol… I do have some napalm on order to drop onto the ice this weekend, not only should it melt the ice but will probably add a few degrees, maybe a bit more to the surface temperature.

    I’ve bumped my snowdance, well now its turning into a broadway musical, up to late Monday night, the prepearation have already begun, and I have a feeling a few pictures will be found…

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