2 comments on “Shhh, Syracuse is Only 1 Inch Away

  1. I like the snowmen pictures also Jill. They are standing somewhere in Buffalo compliments of th General who lives in Buffalo :)

    Believe it or not I’m always thinking the same thing as you. Everyone always says well the Syracuse airport is north but for whatever reason it always seems that I show more snow at my house which is probably just about 5 miles SE of the airport than they report at the airport. Of course they take professional measurements where as I just kind of find a level spot and drop a wooden ruler in the snow :)

    Yup, this is going to be a great contest this year right down to the end. I’m really liking the way Rochester is finally making the move and they should be right with Syracuse and Buffalo in no time.

  2. Love all the snowman pictures from the last couple of entries :)

    What I don’t understand is how Buffalo’s total don’t seem to be moving at all. I mean, I’m not tracking the exact totals every day myself, but it seems like we’ve been stuck at 44/46″ forever – except we’ve been getting lots of snow over the past week… Every morning I’m brushing off my truck, every afternoon I’m shoveling… maybe I’m just getting the snow at my house and the airport isn’t getting any? That stinks!

    But that being said, I’m kind of glad that there is a ‘bunching up’ of totals… it makes the contest that much more fun to watch 😛

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