7 comments on “Snow Dance or Spring Dance

  1. u wished for it patrick and now we are getting as much as 5-8 from buffalo northward

    This Will Be One of the toughest Gsb compettition

  2. snow!!! looks like Bingo has a good shot at snow thursaday night…unless something unexpected happens. also the other GSB will get some snow too, but probably not as much as Bingo; but theb again who knows…..

  3. Pat,

    When are you gonna let me know if I am a team member. If your gonna make the decision this summer, I can wait.

  4. I want winter to continue until mid-April.

    BTW Pat, every post under the name “tom” is me, weather I am clickable or not.

  5. Ok, I am ready for spring, but would like one more good dumping on first. Then bring on the 50’s & 60’s. Regardless of whether we got more snow or not, I am riding Tug Hill next weekend and then the sleds are going away, and boats are coming out!

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