5 comments on “Snow for All the Golden Snowball Cities

  1. Yeah, my friends would probably double to four Jill, lol. I think I still have my clubs in the van waiting to get out that one last time before it snows :( Might as well leave them in there now until the snow melts and the mud goes away. Most likely in June :(

  2. Your own private golf course, huh? I’d be willing to bet that if you ever got one, your friends would multiply exponentially! 😛

  3. Sre, there was a gift planned for all of the active members in the forum 😉

    Lol Jill to a new pair of jeans and Tivo! I would say that I would have traveled too but I still have a problem with tons of steal floating through the sky. I did fly one though and the view was awesome and take offs and landings were pretty cool.

    My sisters and brother in-laws just went on a cruise to Alaska last year and they loved it. The scenery was unbelievable they said. From looking at the pictures that would be a place I would love to see.

    My plan when I win is to buy a golf course :) Have it open to the public 5 days a week and only open to family and friends the other 2 days. I don’t ask for much in life :)

  4. Brrrrrr!!!! Man-o-man is it cold out! I prefer cold weather to that hot, sticky 95-degree stuff – but even I will admit that this is a bit much :O

    I’m not going to even mention the contest 😛

    As for the Mega Bucks lottery… wouldn’t it be wonderful to win that pot? I would get a new pair of jeans. And maybe subscribe to TiVo. 😀

    (Seriously, tho’ – I love to travel. After paying off my debts, I think Alaska would be my first destination. Then England. Then Scotland. Then Ireland. Then Italy. Then Norway. Then Paris. Then…. well, you get the picture!)

    BTW – Great pictures from the Valentine’s Day storm ~thumbs up icon here~

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