5 comments on “Snow Storm Warnings All Around New York

  1. Anon, the problem is, is that I looked back past the 30 year average into the 60’s and it was still showing Syracuse’s yearly average as 111.9.

    When I figured it out from 71 – 2000 the average comes out to 120.1 I think it was :(

    I’ll blog more about it tomorrow and list a few links.

    ZR, did ya bring the winter clothes that I mentioned )p

    Duck, that would be cool in my opinion. 200 inches is my goal for this season 😉 Gonna be tough to do though but I don’t think there is any warm up in the near future.

    Charles, I was thinking that Rochester and Buffalo would both come in with higher totals than Syracuse has. Keep in mind that your totals are only up until 4:00 PM so they should be going up still. I measured right around 9 inches at my house and as of 10:00 NOAA was showing 7.4 inches of snow for us here.

  2. So far we have had 6.0 inches officially at ROC but I live just outside of the city and have had almost 11 inches.

  3. So i am working in College Station Texas (home of Texas A&M) and they are telling everyone to stay home until the cold subsides. (its 35 and raining here!)

  4. Without knowing where you got your numbers from, it’s impossible to say which is correct.

    What gets even more interesting is if you take the snowfall totals on the NOAA website and do an average, you get 117.8. So there must be something more involved.

    I’d go with whatever NOAA says is the normal… chances are they know what they are talking about. 😛

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